1 Month To CAT – Hangout With IIM C Alumnus and Vistamind CEO ARKS Srinivas

Hey guys, the hangout with ARKS Srinivas, IIM Calcutta alumnus and Vistamind CEO on 1 Month to CAT has ended. You can find the recording below. You may have seen the CAT 2015 Demo yesterday too.

All the questions asked in the comments below have been answered + questions that came on other mediums.

Thank you for your participation. All the best. Hope this session helped you.

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Shivangi Sharma

Are Quant questions going to be extremely complex since they are providing us with an advanced calculator? What should be the approach now and what areas should we focus on more?

Ashutosh Munjal

Can we expect around 24 questions in RCs? Also, with parajumbles without options, i feel they will be tough to crack…how should we plan our VA prep afters tomorrow mock

Ashutosh Munjal

I take normally 10 mins to tackle a RC. If I try to hurry to complete it in 8 mins..I make mistakes. Moreover my accuracy with PJs without options is low so i think it will be better to use that time in RCs..Is this approach fine or should I try to complete the RCs in 8 mins?

abhishek goyal

sir question based on logic my accuracy is good in VA but question like tilte of passage,tone based,what can author be , grammar and vocab based question i have very low accuracy
how to improve in it


Given the changes that the IIMs have tried to reduce the advantage to engineers in CAT (like moving QA section to the last), do you expect the QA section to be easier (like in CAT 2014) and the VA & DILR sections to be the determiners to who does really well in CAT?

Team Insideiim

The hangout ends at 12 pm and we will not be taking anymore questions. Thank you for your participation. You can see the recording above if you have joined late – Most doubts have been covered