10 points of happiness

10 points for happiness…these are the result of my observational skills and personal experiences…results and consequences may vary among different individuals…but more or less, these work..
• Whenever you are angry, frustrated, dejected, anxious, call a friend and start complaining about the surging petrol prices. Surprisingly, you will realize that your emotional turbulence will end and a frantic positive energy will run through your veins.

• Believe in bad luck. You cannot be responsible for all your failures.

• Eat ice cream/chocolate very often. I don’t know the technical reason behind it but I have seen regular eaters very poised and calm and good humored..

• Don’t worry about your future. Let your parents do it for u..

• Trade in stock markets sometimes. You’ll get a very lucid idea about how vulnerable your heart is to heart attacks, in the future. The wild swings in the market are not only indicators of the economic condition but also your heart’s condition…

• Travel. Explore. Don’t depend too much on Ranbir Kapoor to do it for you. Do it yourself..

• Do charity. Do it selflessly, surreptitiously, without flaunting. You will realize that money can buy peace..

• Listen to your mom. Moms have uncanny instincts. Chances are that her instincts are stronger than yours..

• Be awesome. Convince yourself that you are the awesomest person alive. If people say bad things about you, take it as they are conspiring against your awesomeness. Ignorance is bliss, so is self-delusion#RESPECT BARNEY STINSON

• Avoid fights. Avoid petty arguments. Tame your ego. Instead let your compassion take the charge. The more you lose arguments, more will you win people..