10 Points To Remember Before Attempting Your IIFT Exam – Soman Pochhali, IIFT 99.04 Percentiler

CAT 2018 is over and the hottest question that haunts all aspirants is visible on every forum available – Slot 1 vs. Slot 2. However, with a few days remaining you don’t have time to discuss much of that but focus on the next task at hand – IIFT. With formulas and tricks fresh in your mind, there can be no better timing to IIFT than this. Rather than sounding preachy, here I will jot down a few pointers that you should keep in your mind before attempting IIFT.

  1. Do read the instructions carefully before attempting the paper. Last year IIFT changed its pattern from 4 sectional cut-offs to 6, and I know few people who didn’t attempt the DI section because they thought QA and DI were clubbed together.
  2. Ideally, your CAT preparation should be more than enough for you to ace IIFT, except for the GK section.
  3. I always advise people to read the newspaper regularly to tackle the GK section of any MBA entrance exam. However even if you haven’t done that, there are a few questions that you can solve using your common sense, and that will be more than enough for you to clear the GK cutoff.
  4. The good thing about IIFT is that you don’t have a sectional time limit like CAT. Unfortunately, the same thing can turn out to be a bane as many aspirants spend more time than necessary on one or two sections thereby hurting their chances in other sections.
  5. Unlike CAT, here in IIFT, you can utilize your strength to fullest. Every aspirant has one/two section/s where he/she is naturally strong. Do give your best in the section you’re good in, but keep point 4 in mind as well.
  6. DI section is usually calculation intensive, and you’ll need a clear head before attempting it, a small misstep and the whole answer goes out of the window.
  7. RCs are generally a bit longer than CAT, but most of the questions are straightforward. In case you are falling short on time, you can go to the questions directly and try to find an answer from the passage.
  8. Point 6 and 7 shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but it has been the general trend.
  9. The more you fret, the more you stand to lose. So chill and give the exam with a clear mind.
  10. You guys are going to be future managers, trust your training to improvise and adapt in case there are changes with respect to the questions/pattern/sections.


All the best and best of luck, hoping to see an enthusiastic bunch of people here at IIFT next year.

Soman Pochhali

Soman Pochhali is an MBA (IB) student, Batch of 2020 at IIFT Delhi. He is currently serving as Senior Executive Member with Alumni Relations Committee and holds additional charge as Member of Placement Preparation Committee. He loves reading and reads mostly thrillers with espionage, military, crime and police procedural as sub-genre. He likes to plan things and is a 'Self Proclaimed Strategist'.



vishnuvardhan reddy

I have reffered previous year papers and found few options were incorrect. should we attempt such questions expecting IIFT to give compensatory marks or should we leave them unattempted co of negative marking

Soman Pochhali

I did not prepare exclusively for IIFT, so won’t be able to answer this. But I believe full length mock of any leading coaching institute should suffice