10 Quick Facts About IIM Bangalore

1. Movie 3 idiots shoot:

The corridors, hostel rooms, classrooms, L square and even the Tanki – famous water tank were featured in 3 idiots movie.  Another interesting thing is though the entrance to the Water tank is closed all through out the year, its entrance is made open for few days during convocation and is a must for all students and parents on the campus.

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2. Lawn behind director’s bungalow:

One of the most serene places inside the campus. It’s a magical wardrobe like that of Narnia’s.

3. Green campus:

The campus is described as with lavish verdant woods and landscaped gardens as per the official website. The greenery and the climate are  Added the campus beauty is enhanced with good no.  Of girls approximately 100 in a batch of 400 in the campus.

4. Depression: 

The last day in Product Strategy and Management (PSM) class, Professor Ramesh Venkateswaran talked about the no. of depressed and students with mental illness in IIM Bangalore, which was I remember he mentioned to be greater than 20%. Hope he exaggerated, but the number is quite shocking.

5. Stone Architecture:

Stone corridors of the Iimb campus were designed by architect Balakrishna Vithaldas Doshi. It is not just because Stone was in fashion but is the ultimate symbol of strength. This stone texture allows climbing ivy to grow to hug the walls of IIMB adding to its greenery.


6. Surprise quizzes: They are damn annoying. Not that they are difficult but the fact that it requires revision again and again. Mostly it’s when we give up, destiny reigns and professor conducts one.

7. Great no. of talks: Every fortnight some or the other talks are being held given by eminent heads, professors, country heads and alumnus.

8. Word ‘RG’: Like lingos ‘peace’,  ‘chill’, ‘load’ from IITs. IIM Bangalore has a lingo ‘RG’, short form for the word ‘R G giri’ which means relative grading. So the guys doing it either not share study material or distract you from studies sabotaging grades.

9. L^2 parties: The great party zone of MBA school, IIM Bangalore. Parties are held approximately once in a fortnight but after days of hard work. The naming of it is something interesting. This small courtyard is surrounded by blocks ABE on three sides, shortened name version of US President Abe Lincoln. It is surprising to acknowledge the amount of globe involved in this naming. Also, there is a simple theory that the corners are in exact lengths of letter L.
10. 24-hour canteens: These are the life lines of the campus. Maggi is the savior and night staple food for the most. Typically students have 2 AM and 5 AM Maggi and dosa. Simultaneously students get to understand the value of deadlines 11:59:59 PM.




About the Author:



Deepika Mallyk is currently doing her MBA from IIM Bangalore. At IIMB, her major interests lie in Marketing and Strategy. Prior to this, she graduated from IIT Kharagpur. She is a passionate dancer. Besides this, she loves oil painting and likes to take a shot at writing in her free time.