10 Things I Like And Learnt At IIM Kashipur


IIM Kashipur has a campus over 200 acres of land, one of the biggest in the IIM family. The big red building with a smiley face cherishes the day. The campus is full of lawn, trees and fresh air. It gets pretty cold during winter and one can enjoy a walk in the morning or evening through dense fog. The mess of college can also turn into a big dance floor for celebration. All these things make the campus breathtakingly beautiful


Students at IIM Kashipur are very competitive. One can see the crazy spirit of competition during quizzes and case study competitions. This not only helped them to perform well in corporate and other national level events but also win several competitions. The same spirit of competitiveness can be seen in academics and sports as well. You can see people vying for each point they could get. One can never see this level of competition and madness elsewhere.


As it is said you never know what life throws at us, IIM Kashipur is no different from this. One gets many (Not so) sweet surprises here. Life is fraught of many surprise quizzes during class which comes out from nowhere. It does not stop here; you would be getting assignments any time of the day. But it all has a different kind of fun in itself.


But one can also get a chance to refuel themselves by visiting places nearby. IIM Kashipur is surrounded by many beautiful and scenic places like Nainital, Rishikesh, Muktheshwar, Jim Corbett and what not. Visiting them during any free weekend is really a bliss. Being located at the foothills of Himalayas, bike tours are very often for the student. Sometimes this gang of bikers is joined and led by our director Dr. Gautam Sinha.

Knowledge bank:

IIM Kashipur has 33 permanent faculties and many visiting faculties, who are experts in their fields, holding experience of more than two decades. You can feel really blessed when taught by such experts who have this level of knowledge. Many faculties also act as a counsellor for industries nearby.


You get to mingle with people from different places and culture. One gets a chance to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with Bhau, Dandiya with Motabhai, Eid with Bhaijaan, Durga Pooja with Dada, Pongal with Anna and last but not the least “weekends with bro”. Apart from cultural diversity, one can also see people with different educational background and work experiences. There are always new things to learn here.

Crazy hours:

You will be completing assignments till 2 AM, preparing for next day classes till 4 AM. Next day, because here, day doesn’t change at 00:00:01, it changes only after you sleep. So preparation for next day classes till 4 AM (as you need to be prepared for surprises) and after attending college for the whole day you will get a mail for a batch meet or for a meeting of whichever club or committee you are part of. You will be continuously awake during the exams or maybe getting sleep of some 2 to 3 odd hours.


Friends forever:

It’s not easy to find a faithful and true friend in today’s world, but it’s not true in the case of IIM Kashipur. You will come across people who will become your best friends in no time. You will find a CFA guy taking late night lecture before finance paper, people who will keep you reminding about the quizzes and assignments, people bringing hot tea and a sandwich for you when you are running late for classes, people explaining cases just before classes if you haven’t read it, and off course people sending mail from your account or posting a random post from your FB account when you accidentally kept your laptop open.

Time management:

Time is elastic here. You will be doing innumerable things in a single day, which once seemed to be impossible. You will always find time to play one TT game, refresh the mood by playing Frisbee, hit the gym if you are not lazy, celebrate birthdays and placements, talk over Skype or phone despite attending lectures and meetings the whole day. You will learn to manage time during an examination when you have two – three papers scheduled for a day… daily.

Bright Minds:

IIMs are home for many bright minds of the country. As it is said only 2% of the MBA aspirants make it into IIMs, hence you will be surrounded by toppers from all over the country with very good academic credentials. You may have been a topper in school and college, but here it’s really very hard to maintain that position, as you will be one among the other 300 toppers. You will find people playing in the nineties here since their school & college and follow the same trend here as well.

Vishal Bedse

Vishal is a student of IIM Kashipur – Class of 2018. Prior to joining IIM Kashipur, he graduated as a mechanical engineer from K.K. Wagh, Nashik. He is a finance and marketing enthusiast. He loves listening to music, watching IPL (especially Sachin Tendulkar) and he is an ardent reader


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