10 Things About NITIE That Makes It Unique

1. Academic rigor: NITIE does have a trimester system and a really quant-heavy syllabus, which is why people from non-engineering backgrounds are not accepted by NITIE. As no one has studied in two campuses at the same time, so it would be prudish to compare the rigor at NITIE with that at any other b-school.

2. Location: NITIE has an edge there. The campus remains abuzz with corporate interaction all year long. Also, we have the opportunity of joining startups in Powai and go for weekend projects all-round the year. And yes, there is also the added incentive of having a ton of cool hangouts nearby.

3. Brand: Maybe our neighbor has not heard of NITIE but the industry definitely has or else we would not have such stellar placements.

4. Infrastructure: Well, the size of our library is bigger than most B-Schools in India. We have the tallest hostel building in India – Taylor Hall. Our new academic complex almost merits the word ‘luxurious’. We have a lake on campus and two bordering us. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

5. Faculty: This is an area which is neglected often but should not be. I would suggest aspirants to check for themselves the faculty directory and compare the faculty at NITIE with that of other B-schools. Our faculty teaches full-fledged courses at the IIMs besides giving guest lectures.

6. Case Studies: All the big case competitions open at NITIE – HUL LIME, P&G CEO Challenge, Deloitte Maverick, Amazon ACE, RB Mavericks, J&J Quest, Nestle Plan-o-Chain, L’Oreal Brand storm – the list goes on. In fact, there are a few Supply Chain case studies which open only for NITIE.

7. Alumni Base: Most FMCGs have NITIE alumni managing their supply chain, courtesy of which NITIE did not feel the heat of the recent downturn in the economic scenario. A lesser known fact is that a huge number of NITIE alumni work in the BFSI sector as well.

8. Scholarships: It is well known that NITIE charges half of what other B-schools in the same league charge but what is less known is that a good percentage of the students get scholarships in the form of partial or full fee waivers. Even students from the Open category are eligible to apply for partial need based tuition fee waivers. Ministry of Minority Affairs’ scholarship is applicable for students from the minorities.

9. Placement Process: Easily one of the best things about NITIE, the process is one of the most studentfriendly ones and you won’t be rushed into accepting an offer you don’t like. Instead of focusing on making records the team focuses on getting quality profiles on campus.

10. Research Centres: The institute has numerous centre like the Centre for Technology and Innovation Management, the Centre for Supply Chain Management, the Centre for Environment Studies etc.

Students can do projects running under these centres and gain tremendous insights into real life technomanagerial issues.

Aditya Birla Group: A dream come true

I would like to work with the Metal industry of Aditya Birla Group, like Hindalco, Novalis, Birla Copper. As I am a mechanical engineer so I think, I have good knowledge of most of the mechanical processes that takes place in metal industries. So as a manager it would be easier for me to manage the various processes by taking into account the technical aspects too. Hindalco is among the top 5 aluminium majors worldwide, there are 49 manufacturing units in 11 countries, also it is among the largest producer of aluminium in Asia. So it would be a privilege for me to work with this vibrant organization. I have good communication skills, and being a manager, good communication is of utmost importance. I will endeavor to take company to greater heights.

– Sainyam