10 Things that make IBS Special

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1. Case study methodology – The case study method is a key component of the academic program at all IBS campuses, which is one of the few institutions in India that has made case studies a critical component of its curriculum. The cases developed by the IBS Case Research Centre have won laurels in several case competitions that have competing participation from Ivy League schools like Harvard.

Almost all the courses in the IBS program are designed keeping in mind the advantages of the case method. Some courses are even taught entirely through case studies – the case studies being tailor-made to the requirements of different subject areas and topics. Student evaluation is based on individual/team presentations, written reports and class participation. Cases encourage in-depth analysis by gathering supporting information – either through published sources or by directly interacting with the companies involved.

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2. Focus on extracurricular activities –The students are encouraged to participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities so that they come out as well-rounded individuals. Organizing cultural events, talks by stalwarts from the industry and a variety of on-campus activities give the students the chance to manage events, take responsibility for their success and become better, more experienced leaders. More than 200 events were conducted by students in the academic year 2012-13 at IBS Hyderabad


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3. Students from all parts of country – There is much more to learn outside the classroom .Several opportunities of interactions are created for the students through cultural events. Every student on campus leaves not just with a degree but also with friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. The student community at IBS is truly diverse; the students come from different states, social and cultural backgrounds. As they become a part of the IBS community, they get an unparalleled exposure to different cultures, languages and ways of living.



4. Class participation – Class participation is encouraged in IBS and is one of the criteria of evaluation. At IBS, learning is a two way exercise. The learning philosophy is based upon active learning which in turn is based on case-discussions, presentations and business simulations

Class Participation


5. Soft skill training – A leader creates his/her vision for the organization and communicates it effectively to the rest of the organization. The soft-skills training at IBS enables the students to evaluate their communication abilities and subsequently improve them. There is also a focus on improving the EQ of our future leaders so that they are able to manage people effectively.



6. Strong Industry Network – IBS has collaborated with several national and international firms to train its students in specialized areas in information technology, business analysis and research. Example is its collaboration with SAS, SAP, SPSS, ICICI and HDFC bank



7. International placements – The placements have gained the international flavor which is a testimony to the fact that IBS curriculum builds global managers. This year the international placement in IBS went upto INR 25 lakhs CTC.



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8. More than 32000 Alumni- IBS has a growing alumni base of over 32000 who are currently pursuing fast track careers with 1000 plus companies in India and abroad. This extensive and fast growing alumni network is one of the strengths of IBS.

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9. CRISIL grading – IBS Hyderabad was among the first B-Schools to be graded by CRISIL with a grade of A** at the national level and A ** at the state level.


10. Intensive Summer Internship Programs – The curriculum is designed in such a way that students have to go through a 3 week intense summer internship program that carries high credits. IBS also ensures that students get the right exposure in terms of projects and assignments that create value both for the company and for the Intern(Student). Many of students consequently get Pre-placement job offers.


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Debabrata Nag

If it is open to all the name InsideIIM is misleading.

Moreover if you are helping IBS attract good talent then provide a more rationally correct information. What is highlighted in the post shared is international CTC of 25 lakhs (25 lakhs of what currency? What is the PPP converted value?) Please follow a transparent mode of writing and not just eyewash “good talent”.


Dear Debabrata,

Thanks for posting. We understand your concerns regarding transparency of information and the article will be updated to reflect currency.

Team InsideIIM

@Debrata Nag – This is a promoted post and Team InsideIIM has no role in the creation of this content. However, we have directed this query to the Team at IBS. They will respond to it if necessary.

Debabrata Nag

This might be a promoted post. InsideIIM may have no role in creation. But, if you agree to post it on your website you bear the responsibility of ensuring the fact that every word written is in perfect alignment to the best interests of your readers.
Please don’t say that since it is promoted you bear no responsibility expect from collecting the publishing charge from IBS. It is your portal!

Somjeet Behera

I completely agree with Mr. Nag’s opinion on the particular feature/promoted post you are carrying on your site. This post is no more a glossy view of the brochure these colleges carry on their sites. We are used to getting quality, insightful reports from InsideIIM rather than advertisements. If this is the way to go, then i think in future, we would see only promoted posts from all colleges ranging from the -‘Dare to think beyonds-‘ to the self proclaimed A**.

Team InsideIIM

@Somjeet Behera – That is unfair. You did not raise any such issues when similar stories were created by IIM L, I, K, XLRI, FMS, SPJIMR, MDI, IIFT, NITIE? How is this story different from theirs? Or is it that just because they are ranked higher whatever they write about themselves is gospel truth?

As far as quality insightful reports go, that work is always on and we haven’t compromised on producing those.

Also, you could use the My Canvas option from now on where you can choose what you wish to see in your feed. You will only get to see stories of your choice – specific bschools, companies, subjects and topics

Somjeet Behera

Thanks InsideIIM team for a detailed informative reply. I was never criticizing on your efforts on generating quality articles, please don’t take me otherwise. Regarding this particular report, I felt that the concerned school was just into advertising their course rather than giving why they are unique. Thus i feel your team might give them a heads up and advise to pitch with a more solid data & info.

P.S. Sounding my opinion…no grudges against any particular person/school..


It is a sincere request to Team InsideIIM to please specify which ones are sponsored & which ones are genuine articles. Like PG has a separate section where they publish the sponsored articles. When u open insideIIM & find “10 things that makes IBS special” on the MAIN page with no mention of whether it’s sponsored or whether it is the view of the insideIIM editorial board, it can feel very misleading (didn’t know that the articles on IIFT & NITIE were sponsored too. I thought that since NITIE fared very well in the alumni report, they have been included).
Anyways insideiim is an awesome sight. Ur placement reports have always been the best in the market (on that topic – what about the reports of BCL. They were over atleast 10 days back). I would just request u to maintain certain standard. If I open insideIIM & find an article named “what makes BIMTECH ranked no. 8 in India (acc to CNBC TV 18 rankings)”, I will just feel disappointed.

Team InsideIIM

On every Sponsored article it is clearly mentioned at the top and the bottom that it is a sponsored story.

Articles from NITIE, IIFT were not Sponsored. The point we are making is that every school has a right to talk about its salient features. If IIM L can so can IBS Hyderabad.