1.  Festivities: Celebrations command a special place at Planet-I. The institute boasts of a large batch size with good batch diversity and the different cultures bring along a mélange of festivities which are celebrated with great fervor. But the most awaited happenings are the regional dinners be it the Bengali cuisine during Durga Puja or the delectable authentic Kerala feast during Onam. From the upbeat War of DJs to the colorful Dandiya nights (and not to forget the wacky Holi celebrations), the IIM-I folks sure know how to party in style.

2. Rural Immersion Program: IIM-I lays special stress on social sensitivity and in order to reconnect with our rural roots the RIP has been instituted. Under this program, the PGP-1s get a chance to spend a week in rural Madhya Pradesh. Last year, the programme was spread across 44 districts where the students gained first hand insights into the implementation of various Govt. schemes like MNREGA, Indra Awas Yojna, etc. they visited different villages and suggested plausible avenues of improvement.

3. Himalayan Trip: IIM-I focuses on experiential learning as a means of cultivating team-building and leadership skills which cannot be imparted through mere textbook learning. As part of experiential learning, the Himalayan Outbound Program is conducted every year for PGP-2s. Last year, the entire second year batch visited four exotic locations in Uttrakhand- Dayara Bugyal, Nainital, Bedni Bugyal, and Kedakanta. The week long program included an adrenaline stimulating mix of trekking, rafting and a plethora of adventure sports as well.

 4. JAM and Pi-Shop: Amidst the daily commotion and never-ending medley of assignments, JAM and Pi-Shop provide the much needed respite. JAM (Juices and More) is a completely student run initiative of Planet-I. The fresh juices and shakes are a welcome change to the mess food. The ever so popular Pi-shop has been recently revamped. From the lifesaving supply of tea-time snacks and namkeen to the entire range of personal care products, Pi-shop is truly the merchandising hub of IIM-I. The junta has been spoilt for choice with the introduction of a new dosa point and a kachori center within the campus.

5. Recreational Center: Planet-I gives any institute a run for its money when it comes to mixing work with play. The campus houses a state of the art sports complex with provisions for a gym, aerobics center, squash and lawn tennis court. The jewel in the crown is perhaps the Olympic size swimming pool with provisions for coaching as well. All student hostels also have facilities for volleyball, badminton, basketball and football. The latest addition to the campus life is the weekly screening of new Bollywood releases in the auditorium. Indore is a foodie’s paradise with places like 56 food street, sarafa bazaar, Sayaji, Nafees and Chefs Alcove. The institute has good connectivity with the city with shuttle buses plying at regular intervals throughout the day.

6. Utsaha: Utsaha is a rural market research initiative undertaken by the PGPs. Last year, Utsaha was organized at the Kartik Purnim Mela in Janapav Kuti village near Indore. The fair saw a footfall of over 50,000 visitors. The students bagged many reputed research projects from marketing majors like HUL and M&M who wish to garner key rural consumer insights through such platforms.

7. Night Mess: Every institute has a go-to place which the students would (willingly) flock to, like hermits visiting a shrine. And for IIM-I, that spot is reserved for the night mess. The place comes alive as soon as the clock strikes 12 and the ritualistic birthday celebrations commence. People come here seeking creative freedom from their draining schedules and this is the hotspot for all campus chit chat. The aroma of tea, endless noise and brimming liveliness of this place make it the melting pot of the campus.

8. Scenic beauty and wildlife: Spread over 193 acres, the IIM-I campus is located on a hillock. The campus, bestowed with plush green lawns and a rich canopy of trees, is surely a photographer’s delight. The breathtaking view from the sunset point is only matched in its beauty by the dazzling Indore skyline at night. The academic block architecture is equally compelling with its beautiful arches and circular structure. The campus is a hub for flighted birds of all kinds, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to spot a few rabbits running around, apart from the regular sightings of squirrels and sparrows.

09. Industry Interaction: IIM-I understands the importance of providing real time exposure to the industry dynamics and hence values its industry interaction. This year an industry interaction program was instituted for the first year students wherein they regularly visited industries in and around Indore. During the program that spanned three terms, the students were allocated industry specific projects. Besides, a prudent mix of technical workshops, business workshops by corporates and guest lectures by industry veterans keeps the students updated with the realities of the business world.

10. Student Exchange Programme: IIM Indore boasts of the 3rd largest student exchange programme among all IIMs and the 4th largest among all leading B-Schools in the country, including ISB. This year, participants will study at leading B-Schools in Europe such as EM Lyon – France, Bocconi – Italy, Munich Business School – Germay, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management – Germany, etc. This gives the participants an opportunity to gain international exposure and understand the culture and corporate landscape in the global scenario. IIM Indore is also one of the few schools to have an exchange programme in Latin America – Brazil!

11. Student-Run Mutual Fund: Finance enthusiasts don’t have to wait for summer internships to put their finance knowledge to the test. Voyage Capital, which is the student run Mutual Fund of IIM Indore, has been successfully beating the markets for quite a while now. The half-yearly results of the mutual fund saw a CAGR of 25% for the term-ending Dec’ 12. The team is made up of finance enthusiasts as well as participants with prior knowledge in stocks and trading. From strategically picking the right stocks to closely following the markets, this student-run club does it all with extreme finesse.

These are only a few of the many aspects that set IIM Indore apart from other B-schools. Whether it is dancing the night away at the famous DJ-parties or playing badminton at 4am or watching an old Hindi classic at the auditorium, IIM Indore has something exciting for everybody.

(This post was published on April 19th 2012. It was modified on May 15th 2013 by the new media committee)

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IIM I student

While there has been a consistent campaign to put the institute and its administrators down in the media, there are a lot of things for us to be proud of. IIM Indore should just march ahead. Doubters will always be there. Keep innovating I'd say. No one had the guts to ensure that general category seats weren't affected (because of OBC quota implementation) and increase the batch size. Not only did we do that but also ensured everyone got a single room to stay in. Teething problems would always be there. The Sports Complex is for all to see and the innovation in learning experience is enriching. If only, they could sack a few dumb professors, Indore will truly be world class.In this difficult year we have placed over 420 students and a handful are left. Yet, some websites take potshots at us without an iota of perspective. Whats worse – Some students themselves malign the institute on social media. Its a problem both IIM L and IIM I are facing.


As far as the swimming pool and the infrastructure is concerned, it's truly world class……Hats off to the work they have done there.


1. What's the big deal in Juices And More (JAM) Shop. Student run cafe/canteen is becoming a cliched thing for MBA colleges. It doesn't make "I" unique.
2. Himalayan Trip: All MBA colleges have such picnic.
3. Sports Complex: Even IIM Ranchi boasts about it. MBA students need world class teaching, not world class sports facilities. A ragtag gym will do. The one who's so interested in sports, should take admission in SAI instead of "I". infact you can save money from not purchasing so much expensive sports infrastructure and give fees-discount to students for 'not-playing'
4. Scenic beauty of the campus: I would take admission even if it was run in the junkyard of Dharavi Slum, IF the education was world class. What does the scenic beauty have to do with anything. This is becoming a rat-race like arranging the wedding reception. Just because others got soup and salad, we also need it in our menu.
5. Playing badminton at 4am: really man, what does that have anything to do with awesomeness of IIM.

I would appreciate if you post articles that throw light on the 'education' part of MBA colleges rather than sports and recreation. This articles reeks of marketing campaign aimed at a non-serious MBA students who want to join college only for the sake of entertainment.


You search for a 'review' article on IIM Ranchi, Rohtak or IMT Gazibad, on any similar MBA website- all of them sound one and same like this one: some fancy canteen and gym, some abbrivated fancy 'course' name and doing recreation at 4AM.

Is there a hidden almuni peer pressure so your college review articles are always "feel good Karan Johar movies" templates.

Only Mr.Ankit Doshi's articles show the real picture. please ask him to write more articles.


Dude Mrunal,

Academics in an MBA college is only one part of it. People come here learn from there peers and build careers.

Truthful guy

True! These all articles are overly exaggerated and presented in a way as if it was a sales pitch, After all they are management students. I suggest you to connect to someone you know and is studying at iim i, he will give you clear and unbiased ans. I believe all the aspirants must know everything about a college to make a decision and know what they are getting themselves into. These fairy tale like articles are misleading, twisted facts


@Mrunal: Management is never taught only through books. 'World class education' comprises multiple components. IIM I definitely stands up in terms of class room teaching, it also offers you opportunities to learn through your peers while they are on field (sports facilities), exposes you to realities of your country (through rural immersion), makes you a team player (himalaya trip challenges), tests your real business skills (student run provision store and fruit shop), makes you contribute to your nation (MP budget), provides you congenial environment for research and introspection (scenic beauty of IIMI: I swear its better than junkyard of Dharavi) and many more. Some people have habit of finding shortcoming in every thing. I have seen people who while watching cricket advise Sachin Tendulkar on how he should have played last shot 🙂
So, please appreciate good things about places, events, people and institutions. Pls give up habit of cribing about everything. Things and people are too good than what we think. Lets explore them with a positive attitude 🙂

Truthful guy

WOW, I think you are one of the mediacom guy, here is my opinion, unbiased clear as sprit 🙂
1) "tests your real business skills (student run provision store and fruit shop)" Dude if you are advertising IIM Indore by saying that we have got JAM and Pi shop among top 10 things at iim i , there is something seriously wrong! they are nothing but small shops run by students….! Even a 14 year old illiterate boy run these kind of shops all over the India, Big Deal!
2) Scenic beauty: yeah it is beautiful campus… So does many other colleges. Again, if thats in top ten list, god save us!
3) Why dont you also say that THERE IS NO PLAY GROUND at IIM I, yes swimming pool is good… but if you look overall sports facilities in campus, i would rate it 1 out of 10. You can't be in swimming pool all day and everyday, can you? once in a while you would feel like playing cricket or football or to job… that isn't gonna happen at IIm I.
4) Night Mess::: Grrrrrr….. I dont even wanna anti-comment this one! Who ever wrote it here have come from jungle… almost every college have night messes…! Big deal!!

Pawan Dude, its not about seeing things positively or negatively… Its about puting eveything as it is not hiding crucial facts and tell half truth facts by beautifully phrasing like marketing people!

Its students life we are talking about, I think it would help if we tell them truth…clear truth without arm twisting it or without hiding anything… It would help them make good life decision at least they would know clearly what they are getting themselves into!


Its been on for a month and the article still says "edition" in place of a "addition".