10 Things That Make XIMB Special

1.  Two & A Bud: Cutting Chai Masala Maar Ke

Two and a bud1

An in-house entrepreneurial venture, started by an alumnus and run by students, Two & A Bud is XIMB’s one stop shop for hanging out with friends and having fun. Coping with hectic routines and managing the daily humdrum leaves the students exhausted and in need for some quick respite. Stop by and you may witness a jamming session or probably a game discussion, Two & A Bud is open throughout the day and offers some crazy discounts. It is a definite show stealer in terms of refreshing varieties of tea, coffee and sandwiches. But, the USP of this place is its beautiful ambience, decorations and the cheerful get-togethers. It is a runaway hit and attracts faculty too. A hunger killer and chai lover’s paradise, XIMB awaits for more stories to unfold at this junction.

2.      Party Harder. Play Hardest!

Athlos : 2013

XIMB is proud to have students who don the cap of a sportsman and participate wholeheartedly in various games. Throughout the year the college witnesses multiple events like Athlos, TBX, XPL, Futsal etc at the intra-college and inter-college level to keep the spirits running high. Cricket, tennis, table tennis, basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, throw-ball, carrom and even chess, you name it and we play it. But, truly we at XIMB achieve our streak by letting every student have his/her share of fun by organising events different from the ordinary like the Futsal, DodgeBall, Tug of war, etc. Our in-house facilities are open to students throughout the night. Step out 12 in the night and you might just witness a nail-biting basketball match.


Every year the Social responsibility Cell of XIMB organises Para-Athlos; a sports meet for the differently-abled. This year to commemorate the spirit of equality this event was organised on Republic day. Students with special needs from various schools come to our campus for participating wholeheartedly in Para Athlos. The activity chart primarily consists of 50m and 100m relay races, sack race, toffee race, balloon race, throw ball and volley ball. This event is graced by members of the XIMB community, respected members of the fraternity and students. The entire initiative gets a lot of support including, the Sports Committee of XIMB which extends its help in every way for organising the events successfully.

3.      Maxinations: Halla Bol!


The third semester in XIMB is a roller coaster ride of hits, misses and more and is witness to Maxinations- the Inter Block War which marks the finale of all the bumper events held throughout the year. It is organised by Maxim; The Marketing Association XIMB and is spread over three days of sleepless nights, craziness, exuberance and back-breaking work. Over 15 events are held to test the students on their cultural and intellectual mettle. BrandWars is the main business event which carries maximum points.  Each block fights for holding up their flag of honour. This event sees the successful collusion of the senior and junior batch for the last time and is truly memorable for everybody.

4.      Dukaan: An IlluminatiX Intiative


Created in the hostels of XIMB by Debidutt Acharya, Dukaan is our very own merchandising store. An informal, witty and extremely cool venture which sells affordable custom designed products with catchy slogans. Dukaan is in fact a first time informal venture started amongst all B-schools across India and has caught the eye of many. Already involved in a wide range of products starting from T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Bags, Sippers, Badges and Posters, Dukaan is set to expand the stage for the future. The best part about the venture is its presence on Campussutra making it available to colleges outside XIMB’s purview as well.

 5.      Rural Exposure Trip:  Connecting Business with Society

One of the most anticipated and discussed events in college even before the term commences is the rural exposure trip. This trip is organised by the management wherein it sends groups of students to work as volunteers for different NGOs across the state. The trip is scheduled for three days for the Business and Human Resource Management students and 28 days for the Rural Management Students. The students not only get a chance to recline away in to the green and serene villages in the interiors of Odisha but also study India in the rural backdrop. The agenda of this trip is to map the implementation of the various Government Schemes running in these villages.

Rural Visit : 2013

The students get a good opportunity to interact with the residents and tackle a share of their issues. A meeting with the Gram Sabha Members helps in verification of data which is later used by the NGO. It is surely a well rounded experience and gives you a chance to work on a live project in a team.

Throughout the visit, the students in rural management programme analyse the villages from a micro and macro perspectives and gather insight and information. The RLLE Mela serves as an excellent platform for the students to showcase their findings in the form of live models, charts, presentations, etc. An important part of their grades and courseware, the RLLE Mela is organised in the XIMB auditorium and is attended by students of all programmes.

6.      Game Committees: All is fair in love and war

Game committes

As the conch for Xpressions is blown every year, XIMB is set in forward motion. Everybody picks up pace and starts preparing in gusto for the biggest B-school fest in east India. The star attraction amongst the biz events are the simulation games designed to test skill, intelligence and calibre. Kurukshetra, Gladiator, Helios, Skill City and Spardha are the five different game committees on campus which put forth mind-boggling games for other participating schools. More than 200 bright minds channel their competence for three months to create world class games which are extremely challenging. The best part about being a part of these, is witnessing the high energy running through. B-school is all about team work and successful collaboration, and the game committees are a platform to learn a few tricks of the trade.

7.    Young Adult’s Education Initiative: Equality and Opportunity


The night mess at XIMB is always packed with students. Be it chai, chicken roll or chowmein, everything is ready in a jiffy. We owe this pleasure to a group of hardworking individuals who work throughout the night; The Mess Bhainas. They are the unsung heroes of our campus who keep our spirits up by giving us great food round the clock. Riddled with problems at a young age, they lost out on an opportunity to attain education. The Young Adult’s Education Initiative is a small prerogative by the Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) to help them gain ground so that they have equal access to quality education and opportunities. Every day after finishing their work, the mess workers are taught basic subjects like by SRC volunteers from 10.30 PM. This programme is designed to impart sufficient knowledge which in turn helps them to pass matriculate exams. The programme has seen much success due to the energy injected in to it by the students and faculty. Dr. D.V. Ramana, an esteemed faculty, has so far been a pillar of support in effectively putting in place the required framework to carry on the activity of imparting education to the mess bhainas.

  8.      Festivals: Let the Games Begin


We at XIMB take pride in the fact that every festival is celebrated on our campus with equal enthusiasm and participation. But the most unique feature about these grand festivities are the various activities held which are symbolic of their importance. And are a lot of fun! The matkiphod on Janamashtami, tug of war on Onam, Prashad Grahan on Saraswati Puja and Ganesh Chaturthi, wine drinking on Christmas, Bhangra on Lohri, and the wild X-Holi will be events forever etched in the minds of the students and faculty alike. The Student’s Executive Council puts in a great effort and makes the students feel at home. On every festival, students come together in their best attire to commemorate the spirit of togetherness in the XIMB body.

 9.      The Mega Event: Xpressions


One of the biggest fests conducted in Eastern India, Xpressions is the soul of XIMB. Conceived 17 years ago and conducted each year by the student body, months of hard-work and sleepless nights make this, an event to remember. The spirit of Xpressions truly lies in the fact that every student participates wholeheartedly to make it a mega success. This event not only symbolizes the strength, creativity and talent the students of XIMB have but, also encourage them to work together towards one common goal. With a footfall of over 20,000 each year, Xpressions strives to get bigger and better with time. Spanned out over three days, it conducts over 30 events and plays host to leading B-schools of the country. A mix of cultural and business events, the festival aims to capture talent in every way.          

10.  JLT Arena: Memorabilia      

One of the first things one might notice on entering GR-I, the boy’s hostel, is the colourful quadrangle with whacky paintings and crazy slogans. This, is the Just Like That arena or more so as we call it, the JLT arena. It is a quadrangle of memories for the students of XIMB. Vivacious and vibrant, it serves as the one spot for casual hangouts, get-togethers, parties and celebrations. Its characteristic feature is the graffiti on the walls representing various things etched in the hearts of the students. Round the clock the arena is occupied by students playing games, chatting, sipping tea or gorging food from the night mess. We the students might sometimes wonder how incomplete the college would have looked without having this place.

Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubhaneswar is one of the most coveted B-schools in India. Established in the year 1987, XIMB is known for quality education in the field of Management and creation of future entrepreneurs. XIMB offers to its students three prestigious programmes; Business Management, Global MBA and Executive-MBA. 30 years and still going strong, XIMB strives to achieve its mission of making managers with a human face.