11 Things I learnt from my Internship

1. No matter what you do in office time, when the deadline arrives, it’s only you, who is accountable, Neither your Tea/Coffee/Cigarette/Maggie break-mates Nor your superiors or juniors (which in case of Internship is none)

2. Saturdays are deceptive and quite unreliable, especially in Consulting Industry.

3. Money is Good, provided you are willing to walk the extra mile to fetch it.

4. Bosses can range from a real jerk we hear about, to a college senior we got acclimatized to, all depends upon your luck.

5. Sometimes Process is as important as the outcome, while sometimes Outcome matters, by hook or crook.

6. Sundays are God Sent Angels, Sleep is a bitch that defiles it.

7. KPMG-Cutting through Complexity, By making its employees to go through complexities themselves, but in the end, it’s an enriching & learning experience.

8. CCD looks shit, post 2 weeks of free Coffee & Ubiquitous vending machines, Infact spending any money on purchasing coffee in Coffee shops seems trash.

9. College Life appears a blessing now, in front of an unforgiving corporate world, where they teach you, before you are asked to deliver it.

10. For All, Money isn’t everything, but then for some Money IS Everything.

11. Suiting Up doesn’t seem that glamorous when it is a rule to be followed 5 Sorry 6 Days a Week.

About the Author:

Nikhil Mukhija, is a final year student at Master of International Business, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.
His MBA decision was driven by his English teacher who congratulated and suggested his parents to must make him pursue an MBA in marketing after his toothpaste advertisement assignment back then in 5th Standard.
His Areas of interest include: Marketing, Psychology, Reading and arbitrary thinking.
And he wishes to make a career in E-Commerce/Market Research or FMCG Domain (Any HRs around?) : LinkedIn

Nikhil Mukhija

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