11 things that make IMT Ghaziabad Super-Special


1. The Academia

The essence of any temple of learning lies in the academia – the talent required to nurture talent. At IMT, it comprises of top notch academicians from globally renowned institutes, seasoned business leaders, policy makers and administrators. The strong faculty reserve ensures that the curriculum is always cutting edge, with the right blend of theory and practice. Over a 100 electives are offered to students with a high level of customization in choosing the portfolio of electives. Teaching methods include case studies, industry visits, role plays, presentations and project work.

Seminars and workshops, talks by eminent industry leaders, etc. are part of the learning experience at IMT Ghaziabad and are organized on a regular basis.



2. World class infrastructure

Apart from its refreshingly unique curves, lines and cuts, the newly built Academic Block has avant-garde infrastructure which any educational institution across the globe could boast of – classrooms in the shape of amphitheatres, airy floor areas with all sides open, digital elevators and broad staircases besides ample amounts of clean drinking water and state of the art sanitation facilities.

All lecture theatres are air-conditioned. Modern teaching aids involve tools like multi-media notebooks, LCD and over-head projectors, motorized screens, cordless microphones, speakers, Wi-Fi access, etc. They are effectively employed to make the learning process more interesting and interactive.

IMT Ghaziabad’s Computer Lab is constantly updated as and when new technology emerges and is equipped with over 180 multi-media functional computers. The computer lab offers printing, photo-copying and scanning facilities to help students stay in sync. Video conferencing facilities and rooms are also available.



3. The Alumni

Very few institutes can boast of a 7000 strong alumni network and IMT Ghaziabad is one of them. Its alumni are the CXOs, MDs, VPs and their likes, at organisations across the globe. Some of the prominent alumni include eminent personalities such as Sachin Pilot – former Minister of State in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Prasoon Joshi – eminent advertising personality and regional creative director, APAC, McCann Erickson, Mini Mathur – eminent TV and film personality, besides a number of business executives like Deepak Mangla (CEO – JP Morgan, India Global Service Center), Rajeev Karwal (CEO – Milagrow), Vineet Durani (Director – Windows Phone Business Group, Microsoft India), Vinit Malhotra (Executive Director – Goldman Sachs, London, United Kingdom) and Suprakash Chaudhuri (MD – SAP India).

The alumni interact with the institute and the students in numerous ways – guest lectures, workshops, mentoring programs and short term projects. This happens primarily through the Alumni relationship committee which is responsible for bridging the gap between the students and the alums. It goes without saying, that these initiatives benefit the budding graduates in more ways than one – they get to directly interact with the people who have been there, done that.



4. The exchange options

The principles of management are equally relevant everywhere and global managers are the demand of the industry. IMT has unique and carefully designed student exchange programs that provide students a unique opportunity to experience life at business schools across the globe.

Students get to choose the university and country they want to study at, for a semester or two from a long list of institutes which IMT Ghaziabad has tied up with. This way, they learn and absorb what institutes in different countries offer, how they operate and the pedagogy they employ.
IMT Ghaziabad has active tie-ups with over 70 institutes, some of the prominent ones being – IPADE Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirreccion de Empresa (Mexico), Grenoble Ecole de Management (France), Leipzig Graduate School of Managemen(Germany), ESC Rennes School of Business (France), Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management (France), EM Strasbourg Business School(France).

The institute also offers Inbound Exchange Programs.  Students from countries like USA, UK, France, Norway, Mexico, South Korea, etc. have been on exchange to IMT in the past.



5. The library

The library is certainly the most vibrant place in the campus. Projects, discussions, case-studies, self-studies, news-digging and a host of other activities can be seen here, at any given time of the day. The Library works round the clock including Saturdays and Sundays to facilitate access to the students. It operates in a fully automated environment, equipped with Electro Magnetic Security System (EMSS) by 3M. The Library has a very rich collection of e-books, e-journals, corporate & industry information and country research databases such as Blackwell Reference Online, ABI/INFORM Complete (Proquest), EBSCO Business Source Complete, Emerald Management, Econlit with Fulltext, Elsevier Science Direct, INFORMS Journal Online, Sage Management Journals, BLOOMBERG Database, Euromonitor International Passport database, CMIE Databases (Economic Outlook, India Trades,  Industry Analysis Service and Prowess), CRISIL Industry Information Services, World Bank E-Library,  IMD World Competitiveness Online, Indiastate.com and many more to fulfil the research and teaching needs of the academic community.



6. Student Life

Almost the entire set of activities and events at the institute is managed and conceptualized by students. This not only gives them a respite from books but also helps gain key insights into management and relationship building. The clubs and committees have faculty members as guides, though they are actually managed by the students.

While the Placement Committee facilitates summer internship, final placements and corporate guest lectures, the Media Relations and Ranking Committee manages media relations and handles the entire admissions process. The Cultural Committee is responsible for organizing events like Zest, Passion and Crescendo, which provide students a platform to showcase their talent. The Mess Committee looks after the operations of the mess and preparation of a fortnightly menu, accounts, tracking of the inventory and logistics. The Sports Committee focuses on organizing the sports related activities throughout the year for the students. They conduct Chakravyuh, India’s largest sports festival in India, in the month of February every year.

The Student Affairs and Welfare Council looks after verticals such as infrastructure, academics and discipline enforcement in varying capacities. It organizes Passion, jointly with the Cultural committee. It is one of the biggest management-cum-cultural festivals in the Indian B-School fraternity. The International Relations Committee is responsible for making the presence of the institute felt internationally. It organizes exchange programs and also conducts foreign language classes for the students. The Alumni Relationship Committee forms the bridge between the alumni and the institute.

Besides these, there are several clubs which organize various events and activities to satiate the academic and non-academic interests of the student community.

E- Cell is responsible for entrepreneurship related activities in the institute. Mark Up is the marketing club while Make A Difference Foundation popularly known as MADF, is the social wing of IMT Ghaziabad. Finnacle Investments is the investment and asset management club while FinNiche is the finance club of IMT. HRuday is the HR club of IMT Ghaziabad while OPUS is responsible for the operations related activities of the institute. Enactus is the social entrepreneurship club while Research and Consultancy Enterprise (RACE) is the consulting club of IMT Ghaziabad. Vishit Ventures aims towards establishing successful start-ups year after year.



7. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

While the institute believes in total no-compromise on studies, it also provides multiple platforms to unwind – the primary ones being Passion and Chakravyuh.

Passion is the flagship management and cultural fest of IMT-Ghaziabad. It’s a 3-day fiesta – the epitome of student life at IMT-Ghaziabad – a combined effort of over 1400 students. Passion 2013 witnessed participation from more than 70 premier B-schools across India. Apart from the host, it witnessed eager participation from the likes of LBSIM, NITIE Mumbai, IIT Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, VGSOM and ISB, among others. It had over 3000 participants across different verticals. The theme ‘Ekstrateia – Exploring new avenues’ celebrated the spirit of envisaging an idea, exploring and emerging as a winner.

Chakravyuh is the largest sports fest of the country. Chakravyuh 2013 started on 14th February and was a non-stop 72 hour long frenzy. There were a total of 24 participating teams. Apart from the five teams  of IMT, the event witnessed teams from IIM-I, MDI, FMS, IMI,IIFT, GIM, Great Lakes, SIOM, SPM, Amity, BIMTECH, SRCC among others.

Apart from these, there are various other fun events at the intra and inter-collegiate level which keep students busy throughout the year.



8. Socially yours…

‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’

IMT Ghaziabad is into a number of social ventures, primarily through its social wing, Make a Difference Foundation, or MADF in popular lingo. The focus is not only charity, but sustainable empowerment and social inclusions via awareness.

A wide range of activities ranging from Shashakt (Women Empowerment) to Clothes donation (Sahyog) and Blood Donation (Sanjeevani) are conducted round the year to give back to the society in every possible way.



9. The diversity

The peer network that IMT offers you is remarkable. The campus has a rich and equally diverse pool of students. Barely a couple of weeks into the college, one would realise that his classmates range from extreme academicians to hard-core sports enthusiasts. Singers belonging to all genres, musicians with breath-taking talent and dancers who can mesmerise the audience with their moves. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Even academically, professionals from all domains – technology, arts, science, management undergraduates, doctors, economists and even entrepreneurs, have chosen IMT for their management degree.



10. Food, anytime!

If there is one place where you can get steaming hot paranthas even at 4 am, it is Arcus , the IMT college canteen – popularly known as ‘DLP’. Run by two very dynamic entrepreneurs, it functions 24X7 and has a large number of offerings on its menu – a number of veg and non-veg delicacies such as rolls, parathas, omlets, North Indian dishes and noodles besides a host of beverages such as soft drinks, milk-shakes, tea and coffee, as also chips, biscuits and pastries. Besides being really cost-effective, it is a saving grace for students wanting to have a fill in the wee hours of the morning, after hectic all-nighters in the library.



11. The Amphitheatre

This is certainly THE X-factor of IMT and the one place in the entire campus that hasn’t changed the least over the years. Fondly known as the ‘Amphi’, it has witnessed countless debates, discussions, event launches and parties day in and day out, since the very inception of the institute. Although its capacity is limited on paper, any given number of people seem to fit in on any given day.

In more ways than one, it silently narrates the tales of this great institution – tales of friendship, of perseverance, of success, of dejection, and most importantly – a three decade long saga of transforming lives, but imparting the same unchanged feeling of pride, every time – The feeling of being an IMTian.


Govind Agarwal
Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad


Govind is a class of 2015 student at IMT Ghaziabad.

You can follow him at govindagarwal.insideiim.com

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Mr. Govind most of what you have written here is just a crap. Being a student of IMT, I have seen and felt it very closely. Starting from the very beginning of your article:
1. Academia: students are just taught to mug up the things and some faculty members are really good but most of them really sucks. marks marks and marks, false class participation where people saying shit get full marks and who listen instead of saying shit suffer with zero marks. Some faculty really sucks……..go get some life.
2. Infrastructure: It’s not that good too. initial 10 mins of most of the lectures are wasted just in adjusting the mike and projectors.
3. Alumni: yeah true IMT have a very large Alumni base who help in placements………..still more than 7000 alumni are not able to get 500 students placed…….seems their task is only to place placecomm,alcom,IRC,culcom and Sawc members.
4. Exchange program: It’s good …..but everything seems to be fixed , while good colleges are assigned to club and committee members only………internal politics prevails and doesn’t benefit the deserving candidates.
6. Student life is like hell ….so burdened with place com openhouse and lectures where they do metal harassment and threaten to debar from placements each and every time they get an opportunity. place com really do bullshit. they show that placement processes are fair but never reveal the short listing criteria because that will reveal their real stuff. Students have the right to know why they were not shortlisted while many f****** students who don’t know anything but just because they are a part of some club or committee get shortlisted.

Rest of the things are just adding crap to ………………….

IMT s****……….students are frustrated……….don’t do bull shit Mr. Govind…….you know it very well what’s the reality…………..don’t do it just to add writing skills in your CV.

Ankur Agrawal

Hi Mr. Ankur “Agarwal” before using my name kindly get your facts right.
a) I spell my name as “Agrawal”
b) I myself am a part of a committee
c) I dont use “…..”
d) Kindly use your name unless you haven’t been given one
And please stop blaming the process just ‘coz you are not competent enough !! 🙂


As another student at IMT, while I don’t share Govind’s rosy view, I still find your comments (the apparently fake Ankur Agarwal) very offensive to both this college and the students here. I find it sad that you’d disparage your peers at IMT and the work that they do in such a fashion, and also mildly insulting that you couldn’t even bother to do this well.

I honestly believe that anyone claiming to be a judge of the faculty here, ought to be in a position to put forth a coherent argument as to what their perceived shortcomings are. Since “some faculty members really sucks” doesn’t actually count as constructive criticism, I’d recommend that you introspect and evaluate what you find so objectionable with the professors and the methodology followed here.
Mocking people for participating in class has unfortunately become quite the rage these days. However, there are students, myself included, who believe that peer to peer learning is one of the reasons they came to B-school and that class participation is a natural extension of that. Anyone who thinks other students are wasting his time by participating in class, ought to jump in and share his superior wisdom, instead of posting whiny, poorly articulated comments on public forums, that reflects badly on the rest of us as well.
I don’t think the baseless allegation of nepotism and the incredibly silly one of mike adjustments even warrants a reply, so I’ll pass in the hope that you yourself can see how ridiculous you’re being.
I will admit that everything is not perfect here, but there are many of us who are doing all we can to better the system, and grow and improve. The results have been remarkable so far.
If anyone doesn’t want to help arriving at a solution, that’s okay, but the least he can do is not actively contribute to it.

Govind Agarwal

@Ankur Agarwal(the fake one) : I would seriously advise you to have a glass of cold water, before I say anything else. Your language and tone show you in real need of the same. High blood pressure is a bad thing and so is unnecessary criticism of one’s own institute. If I were to talk about the first point you made here, well, I could anyday vouche for the fact that I wasn’t taught to mug up a single thing at IMT. Judging faculty members is too high a proposition for a student, and using obscene words in that regard is blasphemy. Class particiaption. Again, are you qualified enough to judge your parallels in terms of what they speak? And are you qualified enough to question the judgement of the faculty members? A deep introspection is due on your part, is what I feel.
Coming to infra, I guess you must be aware that an electronic device must be switched ON before it can be used. Besides, I haven’t seen 10 minutes being wasted everytime in every lecture, and forming such a strong generic opinion on one-off incidents, can at best be termed – ‘naivety’.
Regarding the point you have made about the Alumni of the institute, I would advise you to go through that part of the dissertation again. If one were to decipher the same, it talks about capacity building through ‘guest lectures, workshops, mentoring programs and short term projects’. Does it even mention the word – ‘Placements’? I did not even make that point and you are arguing on it! And I really do not understand how does it become the responsibility of an Alum to get students placed. At best, he could facilitate; but, if the candidate were not deserving, should he be chosen just because an Alum is seated on the opposite side of the table? Would you buy that, in the name of ethics?
When you talk of exchange programs and club politics being a part of it, all I can say is, you seriously need to check your facts – with regard to the process and the colleges assigned last year.
The natural number system suggests – after 4 comes 5, but nevertheless, regarding your 6th point, about student life – in my 1.5 years here, I haven’t seen Placecomm harass anyone with a metal! Common sense and common knowledge would suggest, that the Placement committee merely acts as a bridge between the students and the corporates. The shortlisting is done by the company and each has its own distinct shortlisting criteria, which is not revealed to even Placecomm, and repeating the same club-committee thing for the Nth time, doesn’t add weight to your arguments.

The last part is really saddening mate! Whatever be your personal grievance and whatever be the reason for that grievance, how could you, even in the remotest figments of imagination, use such a strong negative expression for the place where you live, study and grow!
Regarding why I wrote the piece – for a change, I agree with you. Yes, I do know the reality and that is precisely why I wrote the article and that is precisely what I wrote in the article! And if I do write a few blogs here and there ( although I do genuinely feel I am far from being called a ‘Writer’ ), what is the harm in putting it up on my CV? I write for the love of writing and that’s how it has always been.
On a more solemn note, I thank you for going through the write-up and trying to point out the flaws. Please understand that I have utmost respect for your individuality which is precisely the reason for your perceptions being different rom mine. But when perceptions lead to twisting of facts & figures, publicly, it calls for a grave review, which is precisely the attempt being made here. Hoping for its success. And yeah, IMT does rock! No denying that!

Ranbir Singh

A few days while surfing the net, Google presented me the above article. I find it an accurate assessment of the institute by Govind. I served at IMT from March 94 to January 2002 as Chairman PGDCA Program and Information Technology.
I may add few things to what Govind wrote:
IMT was first among major Institutes to get .EDU domain. Developed its website in 95 with a dedicated leased line from Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited. The Campus Network Design for IMT consists of the following components:

1. High Speed Multi-Services Enabled Network Infrastructure.
2. Converged Network with ability to support integrated Voice, Video, and Data.
3. Secured and Fast Internet Access.
4. Remote Access capability for network users.
5. IP based Video infrastructure – A unique tool for broadening the ways in which communication can be done and education can be imparted.
This type of network did not exist in any institute in India. This model was later implemented at IIT Kharagpur.
The network was integrated by IBM using CISCO components at the cost of INR 2.00 crores, having 700 nodes extended to each room of hall of residence. IMT also set up CISCO Network Academy. The 280-hour Cisco Network Academy Program provided course work for a complete range of basic through advanced networking concepts – from pulling cable, through such complex concepts as subnet masking rules and strategies. Through the Academy program, students learn fundamental networking concepts and have a chance to apply their new skills in the project-based, hands-on lab portion of the curriculum.
The program was successfully integrated in PGDCA Program and essentials of the Networking offered to MBA System stream.
John Chambers wrote to IMT adjudging IMT as the best CISCO Academy in Asia Pacific.
I had feedback from students claiming IMT campus among the best. No student need to mug up at IMT. It is pear-to-pear learning apart what students gain from class room learning.
Faculty grooming was an important facet of IMT. Apart from senior faculty members,young people joined IMT as assistant Professors completed their PhD and promoted to Professors. Sanjeev Gupta, Kamna Malik, Reema Khurana are such example. Poonam Garg, A.M. Shorie, Reema Khurana wee sent for professional training in their areas at IMT expenses.
AC class rooms, LCD Projectors etc.are not worth mentioning.
Prof.(Colonel) Ranbir Singh
17 Sep 2015

Sanjeev Tyagi

Hi Sir your comments made me remind every thing you did for imt and I witnessed the change happen from green monitors to Ltd to cisco to IBM servers and what not. We proud on you sir and salute your leadership. Please let me know your contact number miss you a lot. Regards Sanjeev Tyagi +919818193319