15 Business Start-Up Ideas For College Students

As a college student, money often comes first. This necessity will often activate the thought and the need to find a job. However, in today’s times, a student gets much more possibilities than working a simple job.

For those of you who have the entrepreneurial spirit rooted deep inside, starting a small business would represent the most efficient way of earning extra revenues through college.

Well, in today’s post, we’re giving you 15 business start-up ideas that are really worth trying. If anything interests you particularly, make sure to read more about it after you’ve done reading this post. The key is to take action and implement as many things as possible. Here we go:

Freelance Writing

Writing was, is, and always will be a valuable skill to possess. If you’re good at any particular language (especially English), you can start looking for writing gigs on different freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer. You can find these jobs on different job boards, forums, and social media networks

Build Websites

In the technology era, web development and web designing are two complex skills which can be monetized consistently. Nowadays, every business is dependent on websites. Your role is to find those entrepreneurs who have no idea how to start a website and do it for them. Moreover, pay attention to your long-term personal branding strategies.

Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing definitely represents a great solution for a student that’s looking to start an online business. Develop a niche website, start writing quality content around specific keywords, and finally place your affiliate links throughout the content. Drive traffic, optimize your website consistently, and earn money in a passive mode.

Launch an E-Course

Are you very good or talented at a certain field or class? In case you can deliver extra value to other students, you should create your own e-course. E-learning is super popular in the US right now, and the trend has already expanded in Europe countries too. Therefore, you can get access to international buyers.

Write an E-book

Writing an e-book is easier than it seems. Most people get scared of the thought that they’ll “have to write a book on their own”. However, an e-book is nothing compared to a book. Your e-book can have 15.000 words, 20.000 words, and nobody would mind.

Once you finish writing and optimizing it, you need to market it well. In time, an e-book that generates attention will also generate hundreds of dollars.

Develop a Niche Blog

You can simply start a new blog on a specific niche. Throughout this blog, you can go deeper on the subject and offer deeper perspectives, ideas, and information to all of your readers. The key? Deliver value on a consistent basis, win the trust of your readers, and only then…only then start monetizing your blog.

Start an Offline Business

An offline business comes once you have a brilliant idea and the courage to begin. An entrepreneur is often going to come up with business ideas. If that happens while you’re still in college, don’t make the mistake of not seizing your opportunities!

Become a Tutor

Are you good at Math? Economics? Or maybe English? Well, become a tutor and share your expertise. This activity can often be scaled, as you can always hold video conferences with 10 students at once.

Organize and Promote Events

Event organizing and promotion are an interactive activity that will also generate revenues. Ask around your college campus, look on the web, and try to seize event organizing opportunities. You should build a CV as you collect experience; this way, more opportunities will come much easier.

Resume/Essay Writing Service

In case you’re a good writer in class, you can use that skill to earn big bucks. For example, while I was in college, I got hired by Essay Geeks. They were getting me clients, and I was writing personalized essays for them. This brought an easy consistent $900 per month, just enough to live a better student life.

House & Apartment Cleaning Service

If you’re not shy about it, house & apartment cleaning might be a good start-up solution. After all, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re offering a professional service that delivers solutions to an important problem: dirt.

Delivery Service

A delivery service promoted the right way, can be a goldmine for every entrepreneur. The key lies in identifying the present needs of your community. If there’s dissatisfaction coming from the customers, then it means you have an opportunity to start something the right way.

Become a Personal Trainer

This is something that only sports lovers can approach. If you’re a basketball enthusiast, start teaching kids how to play basketball. If you love going to the gym and working your body, turn this activity into a business. You can become a personal trainer, therefore, a personal brand.

Become a Video Blogger

Blogging is popular. Video blogging though? Well, it is extremely popular. Due to the fact that video blogging is done on YouTube, the possibilities of getting viral are endless. If you draw the attention, people will start sharing and following. In a few months, you can reach millions of subscribers. That, obviously, if your channel delivers true quality content.

Build a Digital App

Lastly, if you’re good at building software, you shouldn’t shy away from developing your own tools. Choose a marketplace (Android, iOS, Windows), and think up of something that people will find useful. Define your target audience, build your value proposition, and eventually finish the app. Here’s a more detailed guide on apps development though.


Starting a business during college will not grant you with a financial reward. You’ll gain experience, knowledge, expertise…you’ll learn to communicate, persuade, and negotiate… and you’ll personally develop yourself big time. By the time college ends, you’ll already be a master.

Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson is an editor and a blogger from London. He is passionate about writing, traveling, and photography. Chris loves to meet new people and talk about modern education and technologies.