2 States – Fiasco Encore – Experience Professional Love In A B-School

“She was hot. He was hunky. Both were young and available to be taken.”

The two protagonists of this story have least in common – different countries, antipodean holy places, specializations as different as chalk and cheese; but one thing which was common between them was – both were fresh college graduates.

The inking of their story’s prologue by the two new lovebirds kicked off at the very beginning of the first semester per se. Rest of the story got inked by the diurnal meetings, hotspots in the campus, that one last bench, clandestine cubicles of library, nocturnal canoodles and the endless inevitable calls. It didn’t take them long to become a famed couple of college. They build something but certainly not a CV point!

I could envisage the upcoming Krish & Ananya, sowing the seed of love in the soil of MBA – where the seed of career is to be sown. Audacious move!

But wait, is this move rational and practical? Maybe yes, maybe a big NO. Sooner or later, time would manifest the future-whereabouts of this move (relationship) but elegantly squandering the time, money and resources is definitely not a shrewd shot.

Encouraging pernickety points from the above excerpt, undoubtedly, there are umpteen perks of being in a relationship in a b-school. First, you have enough time for ‘make-out’ sessions but you cannot make time for studies. Second, the count of ‘slousters’ increases exponentially while the class-attendance downswings. Third, you are known by the entire college for all the obnoxious reasons. Fourth, you relish the dine with your so-called better-half while your friends fight for and snarf up the 21” pizza. Last but not the least, you experience summers’ warmth by working hard on her but miss the taste of actual MBA Summers!

No matter how cagey you are but for once, you should experience professional love in a b-school.


P.S. – This is not my story. Narrating an observation.

Pramod Gupta

MBA Candidate, Class of 2019, SCMHRD Pune