A 20 Lakh Job After B-School With 3 Months Of Effort – Do B-School Grades Matter?

There are many smart B-Schoolers who finish their MBA with minimal effort. They are extremely ROI focussed and know when to push the boundaries and rest of the time they conserve their energy and wait for the right times to fight. Let us give you an example,

Nayan enters B-School on 20th June.

Classes start on 1st July.

Nayan ensures he has enough positions of responsibility and extra-curricular to talk about during the next month or so. He also prepares religiously to ensure he is ready for anything that could be asked during the interviews. In short, he focuses in a concentrated manner to be ready for summer placements. He probably does it at the cost of acads in the first semester. After all, results of the first semester won’t be available during the summer internship interviews and hence won’t be mentioned in the resume sent out to recruiters.

He sits for Summer Internship Placement interviews in the last week of September.  Gets an offer in a dream FMCG company.

Fast Forward to April – May. Nayan works again with all his might to do as well as he can during these 2 months. In June, he hears from the company – he has bagged a Pre-placement offer to join the company full-time once his MBA is over.

Wow. From June to June his MBA is done. As long as he does enough to get average grades before he joins the company, he need not struggle again. A focused 3 month effort (1 month of prep during the summer placement season and 2 months of rigorous work during the internship) has ensured that Nayan’s career graph is set. It also begs the question – How important are grades at Business school?


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Akash Dey

Does the dream FMCG company know that Nayan has learnt absolutely nothing in the 2 years he has spent in B-school and whose best skill is to bullshit his way through life?

InsideIIM Counselling

The company probably trusts its own training over what professors at IIM Teach. Also, most companies look for aptitude and what really matters to them is whether they have cleared the CAT well and were decent enough to get an admit. Post that, the truth is that many companies don’t care about whether the person does well academically at B-School.

InsideIIM Counselling

We would also point out the academic inflation in the employment market. Most jobs offered at B-Schools can be done by those who have an undergrad degree. However, the quality of undergrad degrees is so bad that everyone has to go to B-School to be employable. Not sure if B-School does that but it definitely ensures that there is a rigorous filtering criteria which makes the job of hiring for a lot of companies very easy. Then the company trainings and management trainee programmes, internships, rotations etc. which take over.

Akash Dey

So if I understand correctly, the rich literature of management education, taken from economics, finance, psychology, sociology, ethics etc., is of so little use in the complex and varied roles in industry and solving Class 10 math sums and basic comprehension so rigorous an indicator of ‘aptitude’, that all fresh entrants need to do is go through some internship primers, keep their head above water and talk shop during interviews, not to mention be sharp about fetching coffees during the summer internship?

InsideIIM Counselling

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Driven management students will do the work expected of them but in the industry the companies rely on on their own training. Sad but true. Barring a few good business schools, a lot of tier-2 schools (and maybe even a few tier-1 schools) have very little of the ‘riches’ to offer.

Akash Dey

The only thing sad here is the lack of integrity being peddled as realism here. The rest, about what the industry wants and what the various tiers of b-schools have to offer is just lazy conjecture. A stark reminder on the eve of our Independence Day that corruption starts at the top.

Manojit Basak

Nayan is THE perfect example of what an mba graduate should be. He did manage both his time and efforts efficiently as well as effectively. Theoritical knowledge can be gained at any stage in life but managing the work in hand with this efficiency needs to be learnt from these particular people. Instead of running after the grades other students should also learn from these guys. And this is specifically what companies try to find in the candidates appearing for the interview. Dream jobs does not and should not depend upon the grades only!