20 Years Of IIM K

Imagine a traveler advancing on a thorny path determined to reach his goal. It is a journey that he undertakes undeterred by the fear of obstacles and unmindful of the distractions that lure him towards diverging from his course. It is a lot of inspiration and even more perspiration, it is the outright refusal of accepting the ‘obvious’ and the indomitable spirit of diligence and perseverance that keeps our traveler advancing towards this goal. But when he finally reaches this unchartered frontier, his thoughts are clouded by feelings of nostalgia. He fondly remembers the days that began at dawn and ended long after dusk, the tiring noons and the sleepless nights, the anxiety and excitement that he felt every day when he treaded forward in his quest. It is then he realizes that it is not the destination but the path that he enjoyed, that success was not a one time achievement but a constant advancement towards something better. And thus, he resumes his journey with renewed vigor and inspiration striving to achieve something better, something bigger.

IIM Kozhikode’s journey towards two decades of excellence closely resembles the story of our traveler. What began in 1996 as another IIM with a makeshift campus and handful of participants has grown in twenty years to become an epitome of academic excellence with significant contributions to the industry. And so when God’s Own Kampus celebrated it’s twentieth birthday, it was not just to look back and appreciate its achievements but also to reiterate its resolve of constant introspection and improvement.

The event began with a welcome address by Dr. Debabrata Chatterjee, Dean Administration, in which he stressed on the importance to keep looking for opportunities and the need to reflect and ponder on the road ahead. This was followed by a speech by Dr. Kulbhushan Balooni, Director (In-Charge), during which using many anecdotes he narrated IIM Kozhikode’s achievements despite the severe challenges that it faced in its initial days. One particular story depicted the immense challenges that faculty members had to go through even to conduct regular classes. He wholeheartedly thanked NIT Calicut for its invaluable support during the early days of the college. He also stressed on the fact that how IIM Kozhikode had always believed in sustainable development and the various initiatives that it undertook to ensure the overall development of its surroundings. He also fondly mentioned his long association with IIM Kozhikode and appreciated the efforts of all stakeholders in making this college what it is today.

The audience then got to witness reKall@20, a short film depicting major milestones of the institute since its inception as the sixth IIM in 1996. What began in 1996 with 42 students and a handful of visiting faculty had grown into a full-fledged institute with over 800 participants guided by some of the best professors in the nation. Eminent dignitaries including Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Mr. Kapil Sibal and Mr. E. Sreedharan have honored the institute by their presence. Apart from the first of its kind hill top campus, IIM K is home to India’s first Business Museum which was inaugurated by Mr. Pallam Raju in 2013. Throughout these twenty years, it has received numerous accolades including an AMBA accreditation and Wiley Library Award. Memorandums of Understanding with top global institutes like Yale and Leeds bear testimony to its academic excellence.

But the event of the night was the inspiring lecture by the honorable Chief Guest, ex IIM B director and the currently the Chairman, Board of Management, Ahmedabad University. He began his speech by quoting examples closely related to current business scenarios to elucidate the disruptions occurring in today’s world and the constant need of innovation not just to excel but also to survive. It was obvious then that business graduates must be not just taught marketing and operations but must also be taught how to constantly learn in an ever changing and dynamic environment. He stressed that the role of institutes was their ability to inspire and the high value that must be placed on research in order to satisfy changing work environments and develop one’s mental faculties. He emphasized why B-school learning could never be just about management but that had to be an amalgamation of engineering, humanities and management in order to foster imagination and innovation. Finally, he quoted Tagore –

Just as a lamp cannot light unless itself lit, a teacher can never teach unless he himself learns”

and stressed that teaching was neither a profession or a job but an art that inspired learning.

Such an event can never be complete without acknowledging the efforts of its long standing members and so Professor S.S.S Kumar on behalf of the entire administration felicitated Professor Praship Kumar KK, Professor Unnikrishnan Nair and Mr. Madhusudanan V who have been associated with the institute for over 15 years.

The evening ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr. K Sadanandan after which Professor Chandra was felicitated by Professor Balooni. And thus rejuvenated and re-invigorated IIM K restarted its pursuit towards something better, something bigger.