25 Reasons Why You Should Hit The Gym During Your MBA – Manan From IIM Kozhikode

Hey there folks! I am Manan, enrolled in PGP from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, and class of 2017. I have been going to the gym and working out for nearly 4 years now and a lot of people, yeah lots of people ask me why do I workout everyday, how come I get time amongst bustling MBA schedule, why do you compromise on your lectures etc. etc. And then there are skeptic buffoons who say things that would always raise an eyebrow and try to pull you down. “Bro you are taking lots of supplements right?” “Bhai go natural. That’s the best”, “ “Bro how come you don’t have abs, you have been working out for so long” and blah blah… You get the point right?

When I started working out, I never thought I would go this far or would get this serious about fitness and stuff.
I won’t boast that I have all the knowledge of fitness and bodybuilding like typical gym-goers/trainers do, but yeah I have learnt a lot from my practical experiences and failures (I have injured my back, elbows and ankles due to wrong forms or exercises). With these learning and experiences, I have always tried to help and motivate my friends to reach their fitness goals. Mind you, they are from same colleges as we are and have taken time for this from the so-called BUSY SCHEDULES and they have seen results and feel more confident about themselves now.




Frankly, hitting gym and TRYING to eat clean over the years has helped me immensely in my personal and professional life. And as the saying goes, All MBA and no Fitness makes Jack a dull consultant/investment banker/marketer and yeah IT Professional. Here, I am listing down some reasons which I hope would inspire you to shut off your laptop and move out of your room and go to your campus gym.

1. First things first. It keeps you fit. As simple as it could be.
2. Helps you to burn that fat which you gained during those last 3-4 years of graduation.
3. Allows relieving yourself of the frustration and negative energies that you absorb during the grueling days involving torturing workshops, long case studies and et all.
4. Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Blood pressure problems and all that ugly stuff. Isn’t that the good enough reason?
5. Me time/ Introspection time. When you workout you spend time with yourself and that helps to take in account where life is going!! Seriously.
6. I am not even lying. Working out is a huge confidence booster. Ask all the corporate bigwigs and management gurus who hit gym daily.
7. Social Networking. I know I got your attention there you ambitious MBAs. Gym is a good place to meet and know new people.
8. Talking about it, who know you might bump into get your love interest? I know a lot of couples that started this way.
9. Helps you to set goals & tests you to meet those sacrosanct deadlines.
10. Makes you, Altius, Citius & Fortius. Go google the meaning.
11. Being in a good shape makes you feel good about yourself.
12. I heard, girls dig that V shape body. And girls same goes for you too. Guys too dig that. You know what I mean.
13. You make really good friends. We call them Brother of Irons.
14. Brings positivity and internal happiness.
15. Sleep Sleep Sleep. You very well know how a good workout makes us sleep like a baby.
16. Helps to motivate people around.
17. Makes you both mentally and physically tough.
18. Better to give time to good workouts instead of all those b-school gossips about placements & packages.
19. Those fit clothes. I know why you wear loose shirts and tops.
20. Because one hour is just 4.17% of your day.
21. Another episode of GOT won’t burn away your love handles. Right?
22. People look up to you for your hard work, dedications and results.
23. The sense of achievement is overwhelming. (Like coming 1st in LIME or Warroom)
24. Unfortunately most of the people would never realize how beautiful both internally and externally they could look.
25. It’s a damn good CV point. I know this motivates you folks.

Hope besides good reading, these points actually motivate you to do training. Bye. Gotta go to the gym.

You can check out Manan’s Instagram account on IIM_fitness.


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