3 Experiences At IIM Trichy! – Dileep Satyala

Apart from the placement that a B-School offers, most of the students after completing their post-graduation program relish the experiences they gained during their stay in the institute. These experiences can be categorized as Learning Experience, Living Experience, and Future Orientation that the institute provides them. As I complete one-year of my PGDM program at IIM Trichy, I would like to share my thoughts on these three experiences.

Being a second-generation IIM, we must continuously prove our mettle to the outside world, which makes each stakeholder associated with the college to perform their activities in the best possible way. The Director has set a definitive target for the college to be a Top 5 IIM among the 20 IIMs in next 5 years, which is challenging but a possible objective to achieve. The students here have two objectives one to excel in their academics and the other to prove themselves by competing in B-School competitions. The kind of competitive environment fostered at the institute motivates students to set such similar targets in their career.

The faculty here play an important in maintaining the legacy of the institute as the institute is in its growth phase and they also take the responsibility to nurture students to prepare them for the competition they face as they step into the role of a manager. The pedagogy involves preparing case analysis for each classroom session. By this I was able to relate to the concepts taught in the class with an actual business scenario. Social cause projects such as the Make A Difference project gives students the opportunity to understand the troubles plaguing our society. Also, the academic clubs conduct domain related guest lectures which helps us to be prepared about the current advancements happening in the corporate world. The Learning Resource Centre, which has access to 34 databases (Ace Equity, CRISIL Research, Euromonitor, Capitaline plus etc) helps students gather data related to their field for academic purpose or for participating in B-School competitions. The constant support and guidance from faculty, peers and the clubs make the learning experience at IIMT an enriching one.

Living experience plays a crucial role in an MBA student’s life. IIM Trichy’s new campus is spread over 175 acres, giving students the opportunity to experience state-of-the-art facilities. Students are accommodated in single occupancy air conditioning rooms and are provided with 1Gbps 24X7 internet connection to facilitate the learning process even outside the classrooms. Open spaces such as the amphitheatre allows students to enjoy cultural events whenever they are held, but also to get together and brainstorm over an idea or a submission.

Beyond the normal pedagogy and experiences offered at a regular B-School, what sets IIM Trichy apart is the unique combination of opportunities with actual hands on experience that proves invaluable in the corporate world.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

The ABG company I would like to work is Ultratech Cement Limited. Having worked for 34 months with Reliance Industries Limited as an Electrical Engineer, I was involved in commissioning of Coal based Power Plant. This was a cost reduction project was aimed at reducing input power costs. I would like to continue in operations domain to leverage the skillset gained from both work experience and the PGDM program.

This article is written by Dileep Satyala – Class of 2019.

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