3 Management Concepts which B-Schools Do Not Teach You Right

It is always considered to be good to pursue an MBA degree from a reputed B-School before handling a management role. But what disappoints the most is the inability of majority of B-Schools to showcase the core corporate realities & to teach the implications of management concepts. Most of the B-Schools focus on the breadth of knowledge rather than depth of it. Practical irrelevance of this knowledge for the future managers is the by-product of this approach. Here are 3 important management concepts which B-Schools are usually failed to teach practically:-

1. Professionalism

Right from the MBA Induction program till the dissertation project, the main focus revolves around merely on learning the professional skills and gaining the domain knowledge. Though they cover good practical case studies, frameworks and theories to make us good professionals, most of the B-Schools fail to teach the importance of becoming a good human being, without which in fact, one can never be a good professional.

Even though most of the organizations tend to assess the candidates on their skills, personality, attitude and behavior in their recruitment processes, the candidates who are on the high side of relevant skills & domain knowledge eventually end up with overcoming the others. Only a few organizations appreciate the honest candidates, and thus 360 degree evaluation remains a formality for the others. In reality, the organizations which actually understand the significance of hiring the honest candidates with true passion and integrity are more successful in the long run. Companies often use the philosophy of employee empowerment in order to achieve high organizational performance & better results, but mostly they are unable to understand the gap between their efforts and the results. The actual reasons could be the wrong hiring process/criteria or obsessive organization culture that merely encourages people to become good professionals and to deliver high performance, instead of encouraging them to become good humans. Organizations need to understand that only good humans can be empowered, not everyone. They need not to worry about sustainable performance & consistent results if their organization is comprised of dynamics of good humanity.

2. Networking

Professional networking is all about creating, developing & maintaining relationships with your internal & external stakeholders, i.e. your employees, vendors, customers, competitors, etc.

..Ah, a fancy Definition! But how do we practically do that? Well, B-Schools teach you this too. It can be done by attending meetings, conferences & events, sharing your business cards, keeping yourself in touch with others, & so on.

But the actual question “how to do that” has still remained unanswered. There is always a fine line between being likeable & being famous. Apparently, you can become famous among your stakeholders by actively attending meetings, conferences & events, sharing your business cards and keeping yourself in touch with others. But solely doing this never makes you a likeable person. Likeability can be gained by sharing & discussing meaningful ideas & knowledge with others, listening to others & offering help for their problems, being kind, and being humorous. B-Schools never tell you that you need to crack good jokes at times to be on high & healthy networking side.

3. Leadership

Surprisingly, most of the B-Schools spend almost half of their time talking & discussing about leadership and in fact they do teach 100% of the leadership concepts as well. But learning 100% about the leadership can only make you a good leader, not a great leader. Being a great leader requires you to learn & know more than 100% about leadership. That “more than 100%” part is all about the people whom you are supposed to lead. Or shall I say the people who are supposed to follow you? You don’t actually need to become a leader to lead. Leadership is more about the behavior rather than a position. Your position can only force people to follow you whereas your behavior will consequently encourage people to follow you.

Undoubtedly, the good B-Schools teach you about all good qualities of a leader such as having a vision, humility & charisma, but they often fail to teach you about the qualities of people you are going to lead. Leadership is more about the customization of your behavior & actions for the people you lead. Your vision & mission have to be the same, but your goals, plans & tactics can never be standardized. No book or B-School can teach you about this customization. You have to explore, practice & experience it by our own.


– Vivek Arya

Vivek Arya

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