3 Ps Of My MBA Learning | IIM Rohtak

It’s been a year I became part of the premier business school. When I look back and I wonder how much things have changed in this last one year. The person who hardly used SUM function in excel is quite handy with advanced functions like VLOOKUP, INDEX, MACTH etc. The person who had never thought of dancing, performed in the amphitheater of Select Citywalk Delhi, and this is only a few of many examples. When I think about what made these things reality there are so many variables responsible for that which I grouped into three factors: Platform, Peers and Purpose. So my learning equation can be written as an equation of these variables.

Learning = k + α*Platform + β*peers + γ*Purpose

Here α, β and γ are constants which changes for person to person. Again here Platform, Peers and Purpose are correlated to each other in some ways.

Platform: – A platform like IIM Rohtak is full of opportunities and when it is synergized with other factors like peers and motivated self, it can do wonders. Case study pedagogy makes us to think like managers and decide the fate of the company. Efficient faculties act as guiding agent in this process of learning and improvement. Here I believe every day starts with learning opportunity by default. This place is never short of fun, student driven activities makes IIMR lively throughout the year.

Peers: – A place like IIM is nothing by itself but its fraternity makes the difference. I am a firm believer in peer learning and under the brand name of IIM Rohtak I have met so many amazing people here. Be it a readers, a writers, a Singers, a painter, an Athletes or an Entrepreneur, my peer group is amalgamation of all. Every peer have something special to learn from and that’s what keep me going.

Purpose: – The purpose is a very crucial factor for institutes like IIM Rohtak. Here in IIMR our purpose is aligned to grow together and support each other. IIMR fraternity is working day & night to fulfill the same purpose. This is the collective efforts of this community that in a very short time IIMR has achieved the milestones which seemed impossible in the beginning.

Constant K: – I have tried to do factor analysis of the variables (The 3 Ps) but there is always a scope of improvement. There are some variables which can be defined and this constant is to remove that uncertainty associated with my observations. I am still working on improving these variables which can define my learnings in clearer way by the time I complete my tenure in IIM Rohtak.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Among the companies under Aditya Birla Group, I would like to work for Ultra tech Cement Limited. I have done my B. Tech in Civil Engineering so cement industry is something I am already familiar with. In India still only 50% people live in good quality house (as per census 2011) and with improving financial condition Indian population is looking for new houses. Therefore this industry is going to flourish in coming days. Also, India being a developing country is seeing an unexpected infrastructure requirements and projects like Smart cities are going to create huge potential in this industry. I want to be part of this mission and contribute in the journey of Developing India to developed India.