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When I think of buying clothes, I think of Pantaloons. The trusted and my personal favourite lifestyle retail outlet. In pantaloons, I can get any type of clothing that I want, be it formal, or casual or party. Added to this, the offers that pantaloons gives is really eye catching. I have stayed almost all my life in Kolkata, and I have always had a pantaloons outlet near my house, college, or place of work. If I have ever had to get an emergency purchase done, Pantaloons has always been the go to choice. When it came to me moving out of my house for the first time, I had to buy a lot of clothes. As usual, pantaloons was my choice. I absolutely love Louis Philippe shirts, be it formals or casual. Second on the list comes Allen Solly  and after that Van Heusen. All my life, I have held clothes close to me, and have related them to achievements or celebrations. We buy new clothes in the festive season. We get new clothes on our birthday. I have seen my father wearing these brands, and it was also kind of a goal to wear shirts of these brands to my workplace or to a b-school someday. It was a proud moment for me to buy those shirts and trousers and wear them. It signified my achievements in my life. It was a proud moment not just for me, but also my parents. 

My parents and I have been using Vodafone mobile connectivity for the last 2 years. It has helped us connect with each other in tough times and happy times. My father stays in guwahati. And after I moved out, 3 of us has been staying in 3 different cities. Good mobile connectivity has helped us stay in touch through voice and video calls. It has made us feel close to each other. 

3 years back, our house had to be renovated, we had to choose between emami red bull and Ultratech Cement. My father chose Ultratech cement, and we haven’t regretted that choice since then. 

When I look around my day to day life, I see Aditya Birla Group influencing it in one way or the other, be it the clothes I wear, or the mobile connectivity I have, or the place where my family stays, it is all related to ABG.


Life is not easy. Some people learn it early, some people learn it late, but everyone does experience it. I feel that it is necessary to experience this, as it teaches us important life lessons and also gives us the required motivation to set better goals and achieve them. The year 2017-2018 was one of the most challenging years of my life. I was in my final year of graduation, pursuing chartered accountancy, and was also doing articleship. My day started with CA tuitions from 6:30 AM to 10:30AM, followed by articleship from 11:00AM to 6:30PM, followed by college classes till 10:30PM. I returned home around 11:00PM, studied till around 2:00AM. This was for 6 days a week. Added to that, I had CA exams and my BCom exams every 3-4 months. This was the phase of my life, where I learnt to manage time and take up responsibilities. My life would have been a lot different had my family life been just this. But CA is a course that gives more reasons to be disappointed than be cheerful. In this one year, came two back to back disappointing results of my CA exam. Even after putting in my best effort irrespective of all the constraints, I didn’t manage to pass. It was one of the worst moments of my life, and life threw me a challenge to get back on my feet and move towards my goal. But I too wasn’t someone who would give up that easily. I knew that I wanted to get into the financial market and equity market. I made up my mind to do an MBA, something which I always wanted to do. 

Palak Roychowdhury

Palak Roy Chowdhury. Student- IMT Ghaziabad PGDM (finance) (2019-21)