4 Marketing Professionals From Adobe, TATA Global Beverages, Britannia, And Diageo Meet Over A 100 MBA Aspirants – InsideIIM-Konversations Workshop

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. And Hard Rock Cafe is known for its Live Music Events and ambience. But InsideIIM brought a new twist to the pre-existing notions about these two places. InsideIIM conducted a Workshop – Konversations on Marketing Careers at Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore and over a 100 MBA Aspirants attended it and met Rockstars of Marketing from Adobe, TATA Global Beverages, Britannia, and Diageo!

Why did we conduct this workshop?

To answer this, let us ask you a simple question – Why do YOU want to do an MBA? Why are you slogging your guts out and burning the midnight oil to prepare for CAT? Just so that you can get into a top b-school and do your MBA? No, right? MBA is the MEANS to an END and NOT an end in itself! This is one thing MBA aspirants keep forgetting and we are here to remind them! MBA is a means to get the career that you want and the career that is right for you! What is the point of scoring high in CAT when you don’t even know which career path to take? This is where we come in! With workshops on Marketing at such an early stage of your career, you come to know whether Marketing is the right career path for you or not!

Anyway, moving to the event.

The event started with a short note from the Founder and CEO of InsideIIM.com and Konversations.com, Ankit Doshi.

Ankit addressing the attendees on the importance of making right career decisions! “The only way to get ahead is to be prepared”

This was followed by interactive sessions by four speakers – Gourav Sinha (Sr Product Marketing Manager, Adobe), Neha Taneja (Brand Manager, TATA Tea Gold), Sumita Rajan (Product Manager, Britannia – Nutrichoice), and Kunwarbir Singh (Brand Manager, Diageo).

Here’s how it went about and this is what the MBA Aspirants (and we) learnt!

1. Gourav Sinha from Adobe

He emphasised on the importance of Marketing in the Digital Space and ‘How to be Culturally Sensitive’ while making a Marketing Campaign!’ Why? While you might be in India, it is possible that you may design campaigns for people in the US or probably in Europe! A legend, in India, means a person who has probably achieved a lot, whereas, in Europe, a legend is also referred to a person who has deceased! With such interesting tidbits and insights, Gourav had the audience’s complete attention!

2. Neha Taneja from TATA Tea Gold

Rockstar from TATA Tea Gold at Hard Rock Cafe! Neha educated the attendees on the art of storytelling and why we need marketeers to be effective storytellers. She told the story of the ‘Jaago Re’ campaign and captivated the audience with her Storytelling Skills!

3. Kunwarbir Singh from Diageo

Kunwarbir is a really funny guy! Apart from being a fab marketeer, he has really mastered the humour part as well! He explained that Marketing isn’t an art. Marketing is, now, a science. It is a structured process which has a certain set of inputs and a certain set of expected results! He gave us a glimpse of how marketing works for watches and alcohol brands.

4. Sumita Rajan from Britannia

While Digital is the language Urban India understands, Rural India may not even consume Television Ads! What do you do then? What should your distribution strategy be? Sumita talked about her journey in the marketing world from bikes to luggage to health biscuits, and explained how having a different distribution strategy for a different target is necessary to create a product that can be purchased and consumed by masses!


Each session was so much fun and insightful!

The interactive session with 4 speakers lasted for around 2 hours followed by some delicious lunch as well!

But it’s not over yet! “Freebies ki Baarish Karenge” was what was promised and this is what people got after the event!

Certificates and a special InsideIIM- Konversations branded Power Bank so that you never run out of battery! But wait… there’s one more!

25 early birds got a MICA branded Pen Drives as well!

The lunch at Hard Rock Cafe was not only scrumptious and delicious but it also gave an opportunity to the MBA Aspirants to network with the Speakers, MICA students, and other fellow aspirants!

Want to attend more events like this? Write to us on ayana@insideiim.com with your name, email id and phone number and we will add you to our list.

Team InsideIIM

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