4 Ways to Make Yourself Highly Marketable During Job Search

2016 has brought about a new wave of hope in the job search market. However, one thing is to remain certain though – the cut throat competition amongst applicants, be it any field of work. Right from the point when you just step out of college, to the point in time when you are chasing employers one after the other, seriously, there’s so much you got to do. Keeping in mind the time constraint at hand, hacks need to be quick in addition to being efficient for employers to notice you.

Yes, right from having a cover letter that speaks volumes about your skills to setting the right job alerts, there are ways you can make yourself highly visible and hence, more marketable in front of the employer. Have a look at the 4 tips mentioned below and implement these to get the right idea about a time efficient and marketable job search during the long lying year ahead.

Let out the Right First Impression

Be it an interview or a board meeting in front of the seniors, the first impression will always do the decision making for you. You might be thinking about all those things you said in the interview, but the employer might have fixated over the spelling mistake you committed in the resume. Yes, you can never tell!

The only workable solution, in this case, would be to keep things on the right track from the get-go. Make sure the formatting in your resume deems fit for the role, the first phone call with the employer goes in the best of moods, all social media profiles are cleaned up in terms of content and your referrals have all the good things to say about you. It’s all about proving yourself to be the right fit, even before appearing in the interview.

Start Re-working on Your Skills

It might be the case that employers/HR professionals aren’t returning your calls and time passes by with you staying the same unemployed. What’s required in such a situation is looking at alternatives and leaving the pay factor aside for a while. Yes, go ahead and sign up for internships, even those that don’t pay you well enough. You need to stay visible in the industry and hone your employable skills at the same time. Or, you can also start working on new ones that increase the stature of your resume and make industry experts notice you willingly.

Become an Active Participant in Your Sector

Apart from internships, there’s much you can do to boost your resume and the chances to get referred to the best of employers. What about expert talks and networking events where you’ll find all those you idolize?

Building on similar lines, think about making it to the panel of such events and demonstrating your expertise in the healthiest of ways. It can happen, provided that you begin and stay persistent in gaining as much knowledge as you can. This sure does make you earn valuable connections which’ll definitely help your case in the global job market.

Stay and Appear Flexible

Well, it’s one of the most eagerly searched for attributes amongst recruiters of late. It might be the case that you’re not willing to travel distances longer than 15 miles, but being all game for tad bending would make you more flexible. Employers want to assure that whoever they hire is going to survive and produce results in the work imaginable situations even. It’s about time you start being such a candidate.

You might fret and crib over the rising numbers in your competition, but it’s going to stay the same if not increase. Focus on marketing yourself the right way, there’s no shortage of likable employers in your field!


Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe.