5 Days To IIFT – An Ultimate Resource List For IIFT Prep

CAT is over and IIFT is just four days away. Why waste time looking for resources when it’s all here! This list will cover everything from General Tips to specific Section Wise Tips. So without any further ado, let’s dive right into the list!

Okay first things first. Everyone seems to be freaking out about GK. So we have an ultimate list to help you get a headstart in this section.

1. The Ultimate Resource Guide For GK And Current Affairs

There are hundreds of sources in different forms to gain knowledge about the world. Many of you might feel lost as to where to begin with and which source to rely on. So we have compiled a list of some of the reliable sources you can count on to prepare for GK section of your entrance exams in this article.

2. One Stop GK Guide – Static GK – Awards For Films

3. General Knowledge For Sports – Static GK

4. General Knowledge For Companies And Brands – Static GK

5. One Stop GK Guide – Static GK – Politics

6. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Awards – Highlights 2017

7. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Politics – Highlights 2017 – Part 1

8. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Politics – Highlights 2017 – Part 2

9. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Politics – Highlights 2017 – Part 3

10. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Sports – Highlights 2017 – Part 1

11. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Sports – Highlights 2017 – Part 2

12. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Trivia – Highlights 2017- Part 1

13. One Stop GK Guide – Current Affairs – Trivia – Highlights 2017 – Part 2

14. IIFT 2016 Detailed Analysis And Cutoffs

The IIFT 2016 was very similar to the IIFT 2015 and IIFT 2013 papers! However, though on first look it may appear easier than the last year’s paper, on careful analysis, it looks as if the paper is a wee bit difficult than the paper of 2015! Last years analysis gives you some idea what you can expect or not expect this year. Be sure to check it out!

15. A Winning Strategy for IIFT

Before attempting any exam, it is imperative that one knows the pattern of the same over the years. This article covers that, and more!

16. IITian To IIFTian – A 99.94 Percentiler’s Threefold Strategy To Crack IIFT Entrance Test

Smrutinjay Mishra scored 99.94 Percentile (66.33 Marks) in IIFT 2015. In this article, he mentions a 3 fold approach to cracking IIFT and scoring the best that you can. One of the best articles on test prep for IIFT.

17. 5 Things You Cannot Ignore Before The IIFT Entrance Test

If you are starting your prep for IIFT now, this is the article that you should definitely read. Written by Tanmaiy Gnanadev who scored 99.62 Percentile, this article sums up all that there is to know about the test.

18. IIFT Exam Tips And Tricks By Mohit Sharma – IIFT Delhi – 99.98%ile

This interview style format covers everything from individual section tips to overall strategy by a 99.98%iler. Need we say more?

19. IIFT Exam Tips And Tricks By Shikhar Mahalwala – IIFT Delhi – 99.77%ile

The best people who can guide you through a particular exam are the ones who have successfully managed to crack the test themselves. From resources to interview preparation, this interview has everything you need to know about cracking IIFT.

20. One Stop Solution For NMAT-IIFT-XAT | Part 2 IIFT

Written by our student team member, this article is one stop solution for everything IIFT. If you don’t have enough time to go through everything, this is the only thing you can read and you will be sorted. From general strategy to specific important poitners, this covers it all. Bonus, it has some motivation too. (In case you are feeling a bit meh after CAT).

21. Summer Placements – Class Of 2019 – IIFT Delhi

Not a test prep material but since you are appearing for IIFT, it’s important to know what kind of placements you can expect if you make it to the b-school coming year.

22. Scholarships At IIFT Delhi

And if you do make it to IIFT, these are the scholarships you can apply to. Bookmark the page!

23. Do I Dare Tell a Love Story – A Love Story From IIFT Delhi

On a lighter note, aren’t love stories just adorable? Give this a read if you are bored and need a nice yet quick read to put you in the mood of studying again!


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