5 Reasons Which Compelled Me To Pursue An MBA

One of the most powerful solutions to tackle even the most difficult dilemma is in fact the question ‘Why?’

When I made the decision to pursue an MBA, this was the first question I asked myself. Luckily, I had the following strong reasons that helped me make up my mind on “Why MBA?”:

1. Change of career:

Like most MBA aspirants, I too was an engineering graduate working with zero interest in an IT company. I knew I wanted to study further and Human Resources was something which really interested me. With a little research I came to know about the best colleges offering a degree in HRM and I applied to these. Hence my lack of interest in my past career and my interest in Human Resources was the major ground for the beginning of my MBA journey.

2. Connections, connections and more connections:

Networking is one of the most talked about component in an MBA. One thing I understood from every MBA graduate I spoke to is that with an MBA I would be exposed to a wider network. I realized that I would be gathering important business and social connections. I believed that this would also help me be an efficient communicator and boost my confidence in turn.

3. Time Management lessons:

I understand that earning an MBA degree won’t be a piece of cake. But six semesters in two years with multiple subjects, projects & assignments and each one with a deadline of its own will surely help me manage my time better, right? Also, I might start waking up on time. (Mom will be the happiest about this one!)

4. Placements:

This is one of the major reasons why about 3 lakh aspirants appear for MBA entrance exams. Needless to say, the financial benefits associated with an MBA attracted me towards it.

5. Leadership skills:

At the end of an MBA, the opportunity to grow as a leader was something that fascinated me. Practicing team work, managing people and becoming a manager at the end of the two years is undoubtedly the prime reason.

I know that an MBA is a huge commitment. But I feel ready and I hope to collect everything that will be offered to me in the next two years.

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Ereka Cyril

It's all about the people. XLRI HRM(2019-21)