5 Reasons You Should Go For A Student Exchange Programme

The Student Exchange Program of IIMs is a unique opportunity for MBA students, where one gets to spend an academic term at B-Schools around the world which the IIM has partnerships with. I spent a term at Emlyon Business School, France and it has been a truly enriching experience.

Here are my top 5 reasons why one should go on a Student Exchange Program:

1) Exposure to alternate methods of learning:

IIMs majorly offer a case-based approach pedagogy, which greatly solves the purpose of B-School, but experiencing alternative methods of learning which European universities bring adds to the holistic experience in solving business problems and dealing with multicultural environments.

2) Experience a new culture:

While on an exchange, everyone has the opportunity to experience the host country’s culture thoroughly. This can happen as a result of living with a local family, going to school with the country’s residents, and various other ways. Most exchange students will be totally immersed in a different culture once they arrive in their host countries due to differences in cuisine, architecture, family tradition, and even the way people have conversations.

3) Meet friends from all around the world: 

You’re going to meet friends from all over the world by being an exchange student. The kind of cultural exchange that happen is immense. The exchange program will have meetings, trips and get-togethers for you to meet with other students. In your exchange country, you will also meet tonnes of native friends to have a close relationship with for the rest of your life.

4) Travel around: 

One of the most popular reasons to go on Student Exchange Program is that you will have the opportunity to travel to a lot of countries. Whether you travel in a group or alone, going to different places will show you how big and amazing the world we live in is. You will probably realize how little you are compared to many unknown world beauties. The payoff of travel is incalculable, from broadened problem-solving skills to an expanded network of international contacts. One can reap enormous rewards.

5) Prepare for Global Economy:

  The ever-shrinking business world is always on the lookout for students who understand and can function in the global economy. Since most of the students on an exchange would be entering the job market in some time, the exchange program will help you to have a better understanding of the global markets and well equipped to solve global challenges at the workplace.

Student Exchange Program is more than just an exchange. No matter the reason for which you are considering to do it, you will gain a lot, and the knowledge and friends you gain while participating in it will stay with you through your whole life.

Pawan Reddy

PGPM 2017-2019, IIM Trichy