5 Social Qualities That’ll Make You a Master of Professional Life

You get a job, work for hours and ace targets. Sounds like an easy deal to flourish with ample results at work, right?

You might have been thinking about the Mercedes you need before retirement and the million dollar account you’ve to hold before calling it a day. But, would ‘subject matter expertise’ alone get you to the doors of professional success. No doubt, your job requires for you to dedicate every hour in the most judicious way and nip deadlines in the bud. However, there’s another shade to the story which we often seem to overlook.

Here comes the need to hone your social skills and work on certain qualities that will make you the most ‘looked forward to employee’ in the organization and maybe the most successful one as well.

Hence, mentioned below is a set of 5 such skills that will help you in the same regard. Probably, some implementation along with a good glance would make the tide go in your favor.

Showing Some Sensitivity and Empathy

Experts often term ‘team cohesion’ and compatibility as prime constraints for an organization to progress towards all business objectives. Gone are those days when bosses used to be stringent regarding employees socializing about each other’s life problems.

The modern work arena wants you to go out there and be the most understanding employee in your company. It might just be a financial problem your colleague is struggling with or some issue at work making hurdles for them to proceed. You need to let them feel the freedom to express and the fact that you do value their needs as well. If things click right, who knows you might be the ‘team player’ the organization is seeking presently!

Keeping Your Autonomy Intact

With the modern corporate world crunching in size and being all across the internet, there’s much you can explore in the space created. Now the most crucial skill you need to imbibe is to be ‘self-directive’. Don’t expect a manager to stand over your head and remind you of the deadlines and how efficiently you need to manage your time.

This does give you a moment to gasp, but additional responsibility as well. As an employee in the modern era, it’s expected from you to work on deliverables whether you’re at home, sitting in a café or simply chilling with friends outstation.

The Zeal To Learn

No matter what level you reach or milestones you accomplish in your professional life, growth should always be non-negotiable.

Take a look around and you’ll observe that stagnant water always manages to create a mess, while flowing water serves life. Likewise, the moment your thirst to learn gets quenched, professional success in your job takes a dip and before you know, there’s a steep descent bringing you down. Hence, it’s quite imperative for you to reflect upon the progress made at regular time intervals and keep a track of areas you need to work on.

It might just be a clerk in your department who makes you learn something new that when implemented, causes results to bang big numbers for your company. So, just look forward to learning. Be it from anywhere or anyone for that matter of fact!

Valuing Time

After securing an efficacious job, people often start running after money and make incessant efforts to make it big, just by a million dollar balance in their bank accounts. However, things in the walk of professional life are much bigger and serious than those bills.

What you need at present is to keep a track of time and use it in the most efficient way. Time management often sounds like a theoretical concept re-iterated in the sociology classes you attended sitting at the backbench during your college lectures. But, it finds some serious implications over here.

Understand the fact that things move quite swiftly at work if kept within a set time-frame. The moment you start keeping a track of your targets and make things ‘time-bound’, there’s not even a modicum of chance that you’re ought to miss anything!

Integrity – It’s All About Keeping Your Word!

Work might get so hectic that we tend to forget the smaller things that make a huge difference afterwards. Integrity is one such value to consider. While persistence has its own perks during job search, integrity often comes by choice.

Nobody will tell you to score unrealistic targets, just because you seem high on integrity.

But, managers do expect for you to understand the value of your word. It’s really simple, you make a commitment and you fulfill it. The moment you start understanding the importance of integrity, things will automatically start falling in order. Sounds simple, isn’t it?

Things are endless to enlist, but it all narrows down to the choices you make. For no one will train you to implement these skills, some things have to come naturally. So, without further ado, give it a good thought and arm yourself for success.

 Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.