5 Things You Should Keep In Mind To Ace The First Term Of Your B-School Life – Mantras For Your MBA Life

By now you would have come across hundreds of articles and tips on how to cope up with term 1 in your b-school. But hey, here’s the real deal! Why would you want to “cope up” when you can ace it at your pace!? One year back, I was in your shoes as well. I reached my b-school and took a long deep breath at the gate. I took a moment to myself before entering in and recollected all those words from seniors, mentors, parents, uncles, aunties, countless articles… “Term 1 is going to be a roller coaster ride! Be focused! Study hard! Term 1 will determine your position! Take it seriously! You will be balancing 10 elephants with 2 hands etc etc!!!” *feeling nostalgic already!?*

So, let me come to my point. After a year at b-school and riding through several ups and downs there are 5 mantras I wish I knew earlier and followed. So here it goes. The 5 mantras you can keep chanting to yourself. Ohmmmm…

  • Be open-minded: Stay hungry for knowledge and be open-minded to learn anytime, anywhere and from anyone. In the MBA world, learning goes beyond classroom sessions. It is about the experience you gain at the end of the day. Am not saying, screw marks but getting amazing grades and marks should not be your only focus. So remove all your blinkers and look around you. B-schools have got so much more to teach you!
  • You do not have to dip your feet in all the waters: Let me warn you, term 1 is the time where everyone is bubbling with unlimited energy. You will see people channelling all their energies, head over heels into all sorts of activities. DO NOT get carried away by all this and feel pressured! You will have your own interests, your own goals…explore that and follow that. Yes! Go ahead and experiment, but only at your own interest and not out of peer pressure.
  • Partners in crime: You are never alone! Be it waking up at 3 a.m to read cases, going for midnight chais and chicken 65s, missing classes because you overslept, getting grade cuts because your punch in/ out was not recorded, being extremely homesick, not understanding lectures and so much more. You have company out there. Never feel like only you’re the only one going through it all. So smile and chill.
  • Don’t think about competition: Yes, I just told that you are not alone. But you are not running a race where you have to outrun them all. And yes, MBA world is all about relativity. But do not pressure yourself and always measure yourselves with others. You guys are all running the race, but not the same race! Figure other what your interests are run your own race against yourself. You should be your only competition. Draw your own curves and just make sure that your curves do not slope downwards.
  • You don’t have to study 24/7: With so much of loan on your back, it is only natural that you feel pressured to score well and pass out with flying colours. This does not mean that you have to lock yourself up with books and notes and study all the time. MBA is a mixture of hard work and smart work. The right balance of both would fetch you amazing results. You would figure out your own tricks as you go along. Remember, you have your partners in crime as well. As the saying goes, work hard and party hard. Take time for yourself, go party, go for road trips, plan and go on amazing vacations with friends and treat yourself. Because you deserve it!

MBA will be the most two precious years. Once you let it go, it is never coming back. There will be moments of frustration and mountain loads of work piles up. But it is OK! Gain the most and make use of every opportunity. Never be scared to try new things and most importantly, make sure that you look back and tell yourself, “Dang! I missed that, I could have done that !” All the best!

Swathika Selvam

Swathika is a computer science engineer from Coimbatore and currently, she is studying in IIM Indore. As part of the senior team of Merchand-I club (the Retail club of IIMI), one can often spot Swathika at their retail shop (a.k.a Pi-Shop), in the campus. With the passion for writing since young, Swathika has written and published a storybook titled “2 Meddlers” and hopes to publish more of her works in the coming years.