5 Types Of Group Members You Will Meet At Your B-School

In a b-school you are expected to work in groups, this is done to ensure that you get a real taste of the world post M.B.A, and to develop your teamwork skills. Thus starts from day one the process of making the best group, the ideal fit for your intellectual skills and work-ethic, sadly this group is seldom found. There are several types of people in these groups broadly falling in the below-mentioned categories –

The Early Enthusiast: Most active during definition of project scope and usually prone to fizzling out of energy later, no milestone is big enough for the early-enthusiast. He/she believes that their project is going to be ground-breaking in the field of MBA, the likes of which have never been thought before. If the cure for Cancer were given as an MBA project the early Enthusiast would have an answer (Even before research). He/she has a peculiar tendency to take flight when reality starts to set in.

The Control Freak: Specifies everything from font-size to spacing to websites for research the Control Freak believes in controlling every micro detail of the project. He/she specifies deadlines, timelines and work allocation at the drop of a hat and gets traumatised when these sacrosanct deadlines aren’t met. Radical thoughts are shunned and sound past history is what the Control freak believes in. The ideas of other group members are usually avoided as they are not within the locus of his/her control.

The Juggler/Jugadoo: In half the time you take or lesser this person will finish any project. He/she has the widest circle of friends and usually, all those friends have favours they owe and these favours are paid in the form of sharing information and key details about the project. The Jugadoo will dig out reports of seniors who have passed twenty years before you if it has anything to do with your project. He also has friends and family in various industries who will pitch in if required. It always helps to have a Jugadoo in your group.

The Scientist: The Scientist believes in data and demands proof for everything. The Scientist is not bothered about deadlines, deadlines come and go, but believes in backing all work with data. He/she believes that thorough research means pondering over the topic individually coming up with unbiased arguments and then meeting and altering viewpoints. The Scientist is sometimes lost in work and people have to remind him/her of deadline or more important things (taking a bath/having food). The work of the scientist is usually ahead of his/her time.

Free Rider: Most commonly found type – the free rider is the most popular. He/she is bombarded with the most pressing work right when he/she has to work on the project. He/she seems to handle all the work in college. From the way this person describes his daily schedule, it might not be surprising if the earth stopped rotating if not for him. This person will almost make you feel grateful for working on a project all by yourself, you might even get acknowledgement for your work. There has been no telecom service provider who can ensure connectivity to this person during the time of a project /group work. At times when you wonder how you got in this situation in the first place, this person will come up with a new and innovative reason for not being present, if you try to fight/ argue he/she will disappear for a long time and that is a risk you do not want to take. During class presentations, it is your job to ensure that he/she is awake, ready, and has had sufficient sleep to speak about the topic for about 45 seconds (Usually the introduction) and looks like he/show knows everything there is to know about the topic. Dealing with this category of people will teach you immense lessons in patience and endurance.

The above list is not exhaustive, do let me know if there is an interesting character type you have come across in your b-school which I haven’t covered in the comments section below.

Nitya Muralidharan

Nitya Muralidharan is a Second year student at XLRI Jamshedpur, she is passionate about writing , marketing and new ideas.