5 Ways To Predict Your Future

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”  – Abraham Lincoln

One of the primary aims of one’s life is: To work towards a good future. When you are born, your parents start planning and dreaming about your future; when you grow up, you keep on hearing how important future is and that you need to work hard to make it big in this world; and as you get into college, the reality of the importance of future hits you. Such is the fact of life, it is all about tomorrow. Living in the present means – to strive to make a better tomorrow.

Life after college – goes in different directions for different people. What you plan at 18 is completely different than what it actually turns out to be when you get done with your studies. You future is determined by a lot of things, but these 5 are the core ingredients of what determines a successful life.

#1) Choices

In life, you would always face somewhat of a dilemma, when it comes to make few essential choices. For example: what should pick as your subjects for your higher education? Do you go for the typical full proof courses like engineering, law, business etc. or should you try your hand in a more creative field?

During these situations, the tussle between your heart and mind reaches an epic point. Parents generally do not favor the creative field, knowing that the struggle ahead would be immense. Most students also tend to agree with that, knowing that they would have to stand on their own two feet.

But some of them do turn lucky like me. While everyone I knew, went for those typical streamline courses. I chose to go the creative way. I picked up a general commerce degree along with photography and post that completed my masters in journalism and mass communication.

Today I work as a writer and a part time photographer.

#2) Extra-Curricular Activity and Volunteering

You know what you want to do for the rest of your life and so does the rest of your class. All of you, have the same aim in mind. So how do you stand apart from them?

Yes, you do need to excel in your classroom; but what makes you stand apart from the rest of your classmates – are the extra things that you do. For that you need to make sure you take part in the extra-curricular activities that happen in your institute. Better than that, try to do some volunteer work or community service. Companies love anyone who has some sort of experience in social work.

These experience helps to mold you as a person, it teaches you how to balance life and work – it shows your leadership skills and that you can work in any circumstance.

For me, my college life was about taking part in everything. I took an active part in different clubs like theatre, photography, music and also wrote for the college paper.  I realized then, how much I loved writing and photography, today I am working towards turning my passions into a career.

#3) Internships

Most students prefer to use their vacations to go home or visit family and friends. Though that is important in life, but you need to understand that your college years are crucial to your career. You need invest time in internships. You might not get paid heavily – but the experience that you gain through this, is something that would definitely give you an edge beyond everyone else. Use your semester breaks in gaining as much experience as you can.

Apply to the best companies in your field of business. Internships are easier to get than jobs. Make contacts, gain experience – make sure that you work hard and get noticed. Who knows you might just land up a job there. Remember any experience is a good experience.

My internship was absolutely amazing. I picked a local production house and their television channel for my internship, the reason for that was, I needed to make my own shows. Big channels always do not let the interns make their shows, so I took a chance with a smaller production house.

My luck favored me, I made 5 shows – anchored, directed, scripted and produced them. I got the exposure to be in front of television, I got the fear of camera out of me and I gained a lot of confidence that I was lacking before.

Today I know, if I get the opportunity to start my own travel shows (which is my dream), I wouldn’t be scared and I have the confidence to make a good job out of it.

#4) Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Most of us, go for the regular day to day work life, but some are bred to make a difference. Everyone has ideas, but that is not enough – the capability to make that idea into something substantial is what an innovator does. Making a business out of it is what makes you an entrepreneur.

Most college students dream to own their own businesses, but only the rare few – make it in that world. If you have the itch to do something beyond your daily life – take that step. Start with an idea, find a team that would help you with it – and try making the idea a reality.

I was always scared to try the business field, may be because of the uncertainty that it brought along with it. Plus the initial investment was something that I didn’t have with me. But I had few friends, who started their own business and that was something.

One of my friends wanted to start her own event firm. Mary, my friend always knew she wanted to be an event planner but never wanted to work under someone. One says she finally got up and decided, that enough is enough, she needs to go her own way – and so she started small, went around college posting her pamphlet and promoting herself – she got few calls; started with very little money and today she has graduated top of her class and has started her own firm.

#5) Placements and Career Success

Your years of studying, retaining knowledge, internships, hard work etc. is finally going to pay off. Getting a placement in a company of your choice is the best thing ever possible. But don’t be disheartened if that doesn’t happen – you need to start somewhere and it is not always going to be great.

The success rate of every individual is different. But if you are dedicated you would reach there. Always remember failures are something that you need to face, in turn to appreciate when success hits you.

I didn’t get placed in the company I wanted, I worked odd jobs for a year before I could actually call myself a writer. I still don’t have the perfect job, and maybe that is the reason what makes me still going. I still crave when I get up in the morning for something new and something better – and that my friend, is what would make your future brilliant.

Author Bio: Anna is a professional writer and adviser on education and career and is currently writing for Shiksha.com. She is an ardent reader, a traveler, and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way .