5 Ways to Work-out in your Hostel room

If too much studying is your excuse to skip a workout, there is no need to blame your college anymore. Here are some helpful tips to work out in your hostel room

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil studying or rushing from pillar to post to complete assignments, indulging in vada-pav and sleeping with your laptop on your stomach are not the best ways to stay fit. Wipe that guilty smile off your face and take a look at these five, easy ways to work out in your hostel room.

1: Work with your bed

Think you need to drag yourself to the gym to do a challenging push up? Think again! To work your chest as well as your core muscles, you can do push ups using your bed. All you have to do is place your hands on the edge of the bed, place your toes on the floor and lean in a high plank position. Now simply do your push ups in this inclined position.


2: Jump around your room

Happy those vivas are over? Jump for joy! This might be the easiest few minutes you’ll ever spend getting fit – and it will actually keep you in shape. Remember that in order to do an effective jumping jack (so you’re not jumping around without results), keep your arms straight as you bring them up. Remember also to bring them up to your ears with each jump.


3: Be a squatter

No, no. We don’t mean never get out of your hostel room. If you have a chair, this is a really effective way to get in shape. Use it as a guide for your squats by clasping your hands behind your head and lowering your body into a sitting position. Go down as if to sit on the chair, skim it lightly and then push yourself back into a standing position. It sounds simple, but is intensive enough to work your hamstrings and gluts.


4: Climb to the top

If you love an adrenaline rush, this one’s perfect for you, and you don’t even need any equipment for it at all. Go into a plank position on the floor and slowly bring on of your knees up to your chest. Quickly switch legs as though you’re climbing up a steep hill.


5: Lunge forward

Lunges are simple, but try one with a bicep curl for a little twist.  Grab two water bottles and instead of drinking them, use them as weights! Stand with your left foot forward and lower into a lunge, doing a bicep curl while you go down. Repeat, switch legs and go again.

And there you go – with five simple moves; you’ve made the most of your hostel room and managed to stay fit instead of piling on the kilos.

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