6 ‘Life Management’ Lessons that ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ Teaches You!

Quite frankly I am a Jawani Deewani fan. For all the fancy setting and faulty storyline, Deepika’s mini skirt and the bollywoodness borrowed from DDLJ, I choose to ignore them. Because there are things which are ‘far beyond to be seen’ in that movie. There are emptions which can be felt only when you have been there. There are lessons which can’t be taught in management schools.

Subtle blend of these emotions and lessons to tell a story (however fancy) makes ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ truly special. Here is the list of things we learn from the movie.

Kahin Pahuchne ke liye, kahin se nikalna padta hai,sahi samay pe kat lena chahiye,warna gile Shikway hone lagte hain..

How often does it happen with us that we crave for that Job, that position, that girl-guy, that holiday, that freedom, but are too weak to make a firm decision? Too scared to get out of our comfort zone. Too timid to say no.

People stick to relationship which is going nowhere, partnerships which are yielding no dividends and friendships that are weighing them down. The first sutra to achieve something in life is to be detached. To be strong enough to risk your certain present for the uncertain possibilities that future could offer.

Thoda samay do,sab sahi ho jaayega…

We feel miserable for losing our job, relationships, pets and everything we are possessive about. Days and nights are spent lying on couch gorging junk, watching TV and listening depressing songs. We feel bad when our efforts are not appreciated and when we are blamed for something which is not our doing. There are thousands of things that make us really really sick.

But hold on! Don’t lose your patience. This too shall pass. There is no need to become a drug addict or a maniac.

I am a great believer in fatalism and firmly believe whatever happens, happens for a reason and in the longer run is meant for our good. So like Deepika says in the movie- “Thoda samay do bunny-sab sahi ho jaayega”

Jitna bhi try karo bunny, life me kuch na kuch toh chootega hi. To jahan ho wahin ke maze lete hain..

Oh my summer vacations started- I want to go swimming, gym, learn guitar, read that novel, watch that movie, prepare my thesis, go on a vacation and the list continues…and all this in 15 days. Quite often a person ends up doing just 2-3 things of the list and in worst cases (like mine) absolutely nothing.

When we run in too many directions we end up reaching no-where. And even if you are able to do a lot of things you wanted to do, you don’t get the satisfaction of enjoying them, for you didn’t really took out time to enjoy that thing. You were rather finishing that thing like an assignment.

So don’t stuff your calendar too much, follow the advice madam Deepika gives and you’ll find whole new meaning to your life.

Tum galat nahi ho,bus mujhse bahut alag ho..

Half of our lives is spent in proving ourselves right in front of others. As if the ego boasts we get by trumping over someone makes us invincible.

Life is all about perspectives. Sun can set in different directions when looked from different directions. Nobody is right or wrong. Nobody is outright evil or pious angel. It’s their perspective over things that make us love or hate them. Despise or respect them.

If we accept the other person as they are, there is no contradiction. The real management is to carve your way while not disturbing the values that the other person holds close to his heart.

Remember your GD sessions? I wonder how easy our life would become if we start applying the GD rules to our lives. I agree with my friend here but…

Beetta waqt hai,kharch hum hote hain…

This is for all the lazy bums who love to procrastinate things. They are either too lazy to make the effort or don’t have guts to stand up to something and follow their heart.

Proposing a girl, demanding a salary hike, convincing parents for that holiday, spending money as they wish. They just keep dreaming of doing things. They keep supressing their desires. Everything can be done later-on. But as time passes they never really get a grip on their life because they get too used to living a mediocre life.

Their girl friend-zones them, their boss gives them an offshore trip in the name of promotion, their parents-well, leave that, and they keep drowning in the swarm of responsibilities- not to ever have enough money to spare for indulgence.

So laugh, drink, celebrate, play, propose, wish, demand, fail, and cry while you still can.

I Love you bas shuruwaat hai, Fir woh 2 log in 3 shabdo ko nibha nahi paate..

Well this is for all the teenagers and first time lovers. Remember those couples from school days who are still together? Oh can’t remember any? May be one or two odd ones.

Unlike as it is propagated in movies, love can happen a lot many times with a lot many people and you would never know the difference between infatuation and true love until you fall in love. And once you are love- most things won’t matter. You would just want to see the other person happy. Pyar dene ka naam hai-(If anyone remembers the boat scene). Enough diversion.

The point is how many of us just crave for these three words and waste the most primitive years of our youth trying to realise things which don’t exist. If it has to happen it will happen. But don’t get restless about it, for that time can be used to become a lot more desirable person.

P.S. The real love is to have enough strength to let him/her go while still wanting him/her badly.

Rajat Agarwal

PGDM student at IMT Ghaziabad




Being a travel enthusiast, loved the movie. These dialogues were heard and forgotten :P. Good to see it again(especially 2nd and 4th ones) with a way better explanation. 🙂