6 Office Stationery Items You Can’t Live Without

Office stationeries are workplace commodities that cannot be replaced. Their importance lies in a multitude of things. No matter what sort of a business you have set up or running, stationery items have become an integral part of businesses all over the globe. Whether your organization is small scale or large scale, or you sell your own products on the Internet from home, a few stationeries are must have essentials you can’t do without. If you are setting up a new office space, it is understandable that you might be laying all your focus on setting up other elements of your workplace such as office space, chairs, tables, computers, etc. But, remember that stationery items are just as equally important to fully support your business. To save crucial time and manage your business efficiently and effectively, you must prioritize the stationery items mentioned down below. Here is a list of the 6 most irreplaceable stationery items that you must have at your workplace.

  1. Writing pads: Writing pads are one of the most important stationery items that you must have handy anytime. Why? Well, you can jot down quick notes, note down phone numbers and addresses, make a list of the requirements of your client and customers, etc. Always ensure you have at least a few new writing pads ready beforehand so that you don’t rush to the nearby stationery shop if you run out of current supplies.
  2. Printers: A printer is a must have item for taking out pivotal prints that you may share with people in your business network. Printers act as a great outlet for promoting your business in the market to post advertisements, especially if you happen to run a small home based organization. In large organizations, all the filing work is unimaginable in the absence of printers. Printers are also necessary to get hard copies of important documents that your customers or colleagues may need anytime. Always make it a point to fully stock up on your supply of ink cartridges to never run out of those nice, crispy printed papers.
  3. Paper clips: Too much paperwork can lead to a cluttered workspace. You might be working and sorting your work-related papers all the time if there’s a dearth of a fine number of handy paper clips. Paper clips allow you to just simply keep one set of papers aside, and allow space to start gathering the next set of papers on your work table. Paper clips are necessary to keep your work organized and not misplace anything important.
  4. Pens, Pencils, sharpeners, and erasers: A few sets of pens, pencils, sharpeners, and erasers might seem a bit out of place and traditional in a modern office space replete of computers, but trust me, they are still highly essential for even large scale tech savvy organizations. Pens and pencils alike, being lightweight and slim are quite easy to carry anywhere, anytime and you can even use them for randomly jotting down points in your notepad. Furthermore, pens and pencils become even more useful when you have to chalk out a rough plan with your business partner or a delivery process plan with your customers. At the same time, keeping a set of sharpeners and erasers handy also helps in situations when you need to sharpen the pencil or erase the text you wrote down by mistake.
  5. Staplers and stapler pins: Staplers and stapler pins might be small in size, but they are the essence of filing needs. In the scenario of a home based office, they are an obvious requirement. Whether you want to keep a set of important papers together or cash memos intact at one place, staplers keep them safe and steady. To ensure that your stapler is always loaded and smoothly functioning, buy extra boxes of stapler pins.
  6. Glue stick: Glue sticks are often overlooked stationery items that form the core of office supplies. Glue sticks are necessary to rectify human errors, for instance, you may tear off a bit of paper by mistake that should have in place. To rectify it you need to make use of a glue stick. They are also handy when you need to affix a stamp on an envelope that is to be sent over to a client or customer urgently.

Summary: The aforementioned items are a time tested formula of optimally utilizing office stationery. Always keep them in your arsenal and stock up supplies if you have a large number of employees in your organization.

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