6 Things You Didn’t Know About IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore boasts of students with a diversity of work experience and the average work experience of students here is 3 years. Interestingly, freshers are welcome too! While these are some of the well-known facts about IIMB, there are several interesting facts that were not mentioned on any website/article but I realized them only after joining this place. Here are some of the most salient features of this place that make it a gem of an institute to graduate from.

  • Club Culture
    There are over 32 clubs in IIM Bangalore for different interests like theatre, music, dance, painting, etc. as well as academic interests like Investments, Marketing, Operations and Public policies. These clubs help you get closer to your passion and help you to form a group with like-minded people to further your interests. “Together is better”- they say.
  • Interaction with seniors 
    In IIM Bangalore, first-year students can approach their seniors for literally anything and rest assured that they will get the required help. The seniors do everything they can to help the PGP1 batch with getting adjusted to the environment, juggling academics, making resumes and getting placed – Those are some of the difficult areas for a B-schooler to handle alone.
  • Incredible Sports Facility
    The sports facility present at IIMB campus is equipped with a gym, a carrom room, a huge swimming pool, courts for sports like volleyball, throwball, basketball and badminton pushing the students to inculcate sports as a way of life. The Sports club ensures that Sports competitions are held frequently so that students get a chance to hone their skills in the areas that interest them.
  • Electives right from the third term
    IIM Bangalore gives an opportunity for students to select their elective courses right after they get placed in term 3. This is a factor that differentiates IIM Bangalore from other B-Schools. The good part about this is that it equips students to select courses in the areas that they are interning and provides them with a chance to be ahead of their peers from other colleges during their internship. It also helps in better peer to peer knowledge transfer as the students in a particular elective are extremely serious about the subject.
  • Spacious hostel accommodation in 100-acre campus 
    At IIM Bangalore there is no system of twin or quad sharing. All the rooms are allotted to individuals separately. The spacious rooms have French windows, a balcony and are equipped with all the latest facilities like washing machine, water coolers and geysers. This makes staying in a hostel a comfortable experience.
  • Geographic location
    IIM Bangalore is located at Bannerghatta Road which is in the heart of one of the biggest cities in India. Bangalore as a city is innovation centred and has a startup culture. This makes it easier for those who want to start out their own ventures to get help from nearby startups. It also makes the commute back home very convenient as you do not have to travel for more than an hour to reach the airport.

Aashlesha Potdukhe

Aashlesha is a first year student at IIM Bangalore. She describes herself as ambitious, innovative and outgoing. She is the kind of person who thinks less, lives more. Her love for travelling makes her go to the most remote places of India to enjoy the solace and tranquil within. She loves reading, writing and inspiring others.