6 Traps To Be Wary Of At A Business School In India


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This has to be the best written article so far on insideiim. What a nice way to put across ideas!

5 Jun, 2011 |


This is something I have been searching for a long time. Have read almost all of ankit's articles on his google site but missed new one. Great one. But also a request. Write something new so that we understand what it is after finishing these two years.

6 Jun, 2011 |

Team InsideIIM

@Samresh - Effort is to get as much relevant content as possible. There are many writers on this website who are writing about as many different aspects as possible about life inside and outside a business school. We hope we can serve well.

6 Jun, 2011 |


@Ankit, An article on such subject which people think a lot and hardly able to execute what they plan. I'm going to join this race on 19th June this year(2011), i've made a lot of plans and have given some of the plans a lot of time. Still working on them as what to choose, how much to devote myself, what must be my priorities etc(their are lot more pointers). Ankit this article is going to help me a lot in planing my plan MBA. Hats of to your efforts...

6 Jun, 2011 |


Hello ankit! saw this link in PG... anywy I want to ask this thing... did u ask doubts while in class?? what did ur peers say?

6 Jun, 2011 |

Ankit Doshi

@Mr.Shady - If it is a serious question, serious answer is : Yes. Many of my peers used to hate me for that among other things :-) (Wonder what prevents people from revealing their real names.Seriously.)

6 Jun, 2011 |


Hi Ankit, I will be joining Indore in coming year, I must say very nice article, Thanks a lot for sharing the same .:)

7 Jun, 2011 |


Good one man!

29 Aug, 2011 |


Another good article..Beginning to like your website :) Good work!!

7 Nov, 2011 |


Very good insights about the traps. It happens every where and with every one.

14 Dec, 2011 |


hey Ankit, thanks for drawing a clear picture of do's and don's which is always a big chaos in any scenario.... but i wanna ask u one thing.....if its affordable to go against ur peers while ur not able to handle the peer pressure? :)

12 Jan, 2012 |


Great article Ankur. I had written on something related in the Indian Express, many years ago, on the benefits of some of the extra-curricular activities on campus. Sharing the link here - <a href="http://newindianexpress.com/education/edex/article164069.ece" rel="nofollow">http://newindianexpress.com/education/edex/articl...</a>

7 Jan, 2013 |


great article, nothing can replace a good experience - short term vs long term view

22 May, 2014 |