6 Ways To Beat The Exam Blues One Day Before The Exam

Competitive exams, the path to get into the best b-schools of the country. What does it come along with? Anxiety, nervousness, excitement and a hoard of other emotions. But you know what? It’s all normal. A lot of them out there, including myself, we’ve all been through this. So just let it flow because, in the end, it will all be okay. But remember, do not panic. Never, ever! It will only ruin all your preparation. Remember that there’s a lot of effort you’ve put into this. Some of you might have quit your jobs, or taken a year off, but let that not hit you. Look at it from the positive perspective, as to how important these exams are, for your future. As a motivator and a well-wisher, I have jotted some last-minute tips that might help the aspirant in you for your upcoming exams. These tips are applicable to every competitive exam that you would be appearing for, so give it a read.

  • Sleep well, sleep really well. You must have heard this from a lot of gyanis, but trust me, it’s of utmost importance to get adequate sleep before any exam. And even the more for exams to get into the top b-schools, because your mind needs to be at its best.
  • Do not try to master the art of last minute preparation. There’s no point in doing so. Nothing’s going to change in one day. Therefore, keep your mind calm. I know it’s easier said than done but probably try meditating or going for a short walk. Get some fresh air, breathe some motivation.
  • By now you must have listed down some of your key tricks, important formula and the other approaches. Try recalling them, a day before the exam. They could come really handy.
  • Have a good breakfast. If you have your exam in the morning. I’d suggest a proper breakfast, with tea/coffee to energize you. For the afternoon slot, have a good meal, but do not over eat. You wouldn’t want to feel sleepy during the exam, would you? For evening slots, make sure you’ve utilised your tea-break well.
  • The next tip I have is the most important one. Do not invest more than required time on a question. I suggest you look at the question, analyse it, and then take a call. Sometimes it may so happen that, you know what the approach to the question is, but you are just not able to solve it. In that case, I think it would ideal to skip that question if you’ve invested more than what was required on it.
  • Lastly, let your performance in one section not impact your upcoming section. I always set sectional targets, and treated every section as a new test, keeping in mind that my overall target also needed to be met.

Remember friends, the effort never dies! So, treat every exam like it’s the last exam of your life and you will ace it.

All the best aspirants!

Sumangal Kamath

Sumangal Kamath is a first year MBA student at SBM, NMIMS Mumbai. She completed her Bcom in Marketing and Human Resources, from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. Prior to joining NMIMS, Sumangal worked as a Hedge Fund Analyst with Northern Trust. Post which, she gained some experience in content writing at Odigma (Infibeam). She describes herself as a vivacious, young soul who holds a strong penchant for singing, writing and binge watching Formula one.