7 Must Watch CAT Prep Webinars Before The CAT Day

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CAT 2018 is just 5 days away. It’s time to pull up your socks and perfect your strategy. This is a curated list of webinars that you must watch before you appear for CAT on 25th November 2018.

Over the past 2 months, we have conducted over 10 webinars for all CAT aspirants. These are some of the best webinars to not only perfect your strategy but to get some last minute tips to improve on your weak areas.

This article is divided into two parts –

  1. Past webinar you must watch in the lead up to CAT.
  2. Upcoming webinars starting 21st November until After CAT.

1. Ultimate Test Tasking Strategy For CAT 2018

‘It is the not the most knowledgeable who cracks entrance exams. The student who can utilize the resources available viz., his knowledge and the time available for the exam, make it to the top list. Many students miss out on solving easy questions in the exam due to lack of time management. Building a strategy to attempt the paper ensure that one solves all the questions that one is capable of (It is not that one has to know everything). Cracking CAT is about ensuring that you solve correctly, and within the time available, all the questions that you would otherwise solve given infinite time!’ Check out this webinar conducted by Arkss, National Head – MBA, Career Launcher and an IIM Calcutta alumnus here.

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2. How To Improve Your Score For VARC – CAT 2018 – Tips By An IIM Lucknow Student

Pratik Ranjan, an IIM Lucknow student and the host of this webinar, scored merely 70%ile in VARC section in his first attempt at CAT. But he employed some strategies in his second attempt and scored a whopping 99%ile+ in the very section. In this webinar, he guides you on different approaches you can try to improve your score for reading comprehension and verbal ability. Check out his webinar here.

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3. Maximise Your Scores For LR-DI For CAT 2018

DI-LR has been a section which has been quite unpredictable yet a game-changing section when it comes to CAT in the past few years. In this webinar, Roshan Raheja, a JBIMS student, explains his strategy of scoring 99%ile+ in the most dreaded section of CAT. According to him, the first thing you need to do is to derive a FRAMEWORK – a table, a diagram; anything that will help you understand the set better. Secondly, add all the points mentioned in the case in the derived framework. Thirdly, Mention the points that do not fit in your framework separately. Watch this webinar to know more about how you can crack cases efficiently, here.

4. A Strategy Session For Quantitative Ability

The fundamental flaw that aspirants usually make while appearing for this question is that they don’t attempt enough questions. The first step is to increase the number of attempts and then improve on accuracy. Watch this webinar, conducted by Arkss, National Head – MBA at Career Launcher and an IIM Calcutta alumnus, to know how you can improve your scores for Quantitative Ability Section. Watch the complete webinar here.

5. Last Mile To CAT 2018 – How To Deal With Last Minute Jitters

With just two weeks to CAT 2018, preparing yourself mentally for the D-Day is as important as taking and analysing mocks. As the D-day approaches, it is natural for your adrenaline to hit new highs and for your heart to palpitate faster than ever. It is normal for you to see flashbacks of your journey so far: your performance in mocks, your tryst with coaching classes, and your secret affair with QA, DI/LR, and VA. While these thoughts might occupy your mind in the last few days, remember that they can have serious implication on your performance on the final day. This webinar with Pratik Ranjan, an IIM Lucknow student, is to help you with just this. Watch the complete webinar here.

6. Last Mile To CAT 2018 – The Ultimate Strategy

One great tip from the webinar – Instead of focusing on complete sections in the last 5 days, first, identify the questions you face an issue, secondly solve 10 questions of each identified weak areas everyday and improve accuracy for the same. Watch this webinar by Arkss, National Head – MBA at Career Launcher and an IIM Calcutta alumnus for more such amazing insights. Watch the complete webinar here.

7. Last Mile To CAT 2018 – The Ultimate Strategy – Part 2

Last few days to CAT 2018 are crucial. It is what will determine your performance on the D-Day. Losing focus or motivation in the last few days can prove to result in month’s of preparation going to waste. To ensure that you are well prepared and do your best in CAT 2018, you need to watch this webinar. Watch the complete webinar here.

Here are the following Webinars you need to look out for in the lead up to CAT 2018.

1. How I Cracked CAT And Got Into IIM Kozhikode – A CA’s Perspective

Akshaykumar Sirsalewala, an IIM Kozhikode Student and a CA, scored 99.24%ile in CAT 2017. It’s not only engineers who can crack CAT. You can be from any academic background, that can’t stop you from cracking CAT and getting into a b-school. In this webinar, Akshay will walk you through his strategy and tips, which you as an engineer or a non-engineer can follow to crack CAT 2018 and score that perfect 99%ile.

Webinar Date – 21st November 2018 at 7 pm.

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2. Are You Giving CAT 2018 Too Much Respect?

This is for all those who take themselves too seriously. All those who think that their performance in CAT is what will define them for the rest of their life. Take it easy. None of this anxiety is worth it. It will neither help you on the D-Day nor is it helping you right now trying to gear up for the test. Maybe it is because you are giving CAT 2018 too much respect. Chat with Ankit Doshi, Founder of InsideIIM.com and an IIM Indore alumnus, before the CAT day to mentally prepare yourself for it.

Webinar Date – 22nd November 2018 at 7 pm.

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3. What Should You Do On The Last Day To CAT 2018?

In this webinar, Arkss, National Head – MBA at Career Launcher, will walk you through what you should be doing on the day before CAT 2018. Should you appear for more mocks? Should you appear for sectional tests? What can you do in 24 hours that can help you improve your scores? How to cope with last-minute jitters? All these questions and more to be answered in this webinar. Stay Tuned!

Webinar Date – 23rd November 2018 at 8:30 pm.

4. How To Do Away With Last Minute Jitters? – Tips By An IIM Lucknow Student

This webinar with Pratik Ranjan, an IIM Lucknow student, is scheduled for when there are less than 24 hours left for CAT 2018. Nervous? Anxious? Don’t know how you will do? It’s time to keep all that aside and just talk. There should be no preparation happening at this stage, but if you absolutely must prepare, ask Pratik what you should focus on. This is the final dose you require before appearing for CAT 2018. From motivation to individual section tips to what all you should carry on the D-Day, Pratik plans to cover it all. Stay Tuned.

Webinar Date – 24th November 2018. Time – TBA.

5. CAT 2018 Analysis and Score Prediction With Arkss, National Head – MBA at Career Launcher

This webinar is scheduled after CAT 2018 is done and dusted. From analysing the paper to predicting percentiles to how to overcome disappointments about the paper (if any), Arkss will cover it all. This webinar is a must-attend for all CAT 2018 takers.

Webinar Date – 25th November 2018 at 7 pm.

6. From CAT 2018 To IIFT 2018

CAT 2018 will be done and dusted. The next in line is IIFT 2018. Picture abhi baaki hai. You cannot afford to stop at this stage. What alterations should you make in your preparation? How do you prepare for GK? What resources should you refer to? How many mocks should you appear for in a week? What strategies are required to ensure you crack IIFT? All these and more questions to be answered by Arkss in this webinar. Stay Tuned!

Webinar Date – 26th November 2018. Time – TBA.


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