7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Konversations On Marketing Careers

So, you are appearing for your entrance exams, eh? CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, and what not? But why are you taking these tests? So that you get a good b-school? What would that achieve? Good placements? But what are you going to do with any of that if you don’t know what’s the right career path for you? Your choice of stream highly determines the b-school you choose, the entrance exams you appear for and probably the rest of your life! It’s not only about CAT strategy anymore! It’s about strategizing your college applications as well. So start early, and get your career path sorted out by having a Konversations with us on 23rd September, 2017 at Mumbai and 7th October, 2017 at Bangalore! Convinced enough to attend the event?  Register here!

Still not convinced why you should attend the event? Let me give you 7 reasons why this event would be one of the best 4 hours of your Aspirant life!


1 – Decide Whether Marketing Is The Field For You!

Many colleges are specialised and known for a particular domain. For example, even though XLRI has an amazing BM program, its flagship program is still HRM! Likewise, for Marketing, there are some b-schools which are better than the others. To ensure that you apply to the right ones and gauge your interest in the domain, you must attend this event!

2 – Meet Marketing Professionals From Top Companies!

Very few people get an opportunity to get to know what it is like to be in a field of Marketing before they even take their Entrance Exams! And even fewer realise the need for it. You will meet these Marketing Professionals from diverse backgrounds in person and even get to ask your questions! Know how they made it big, interact with them, ask questions, and NETWORKING! Networking is the only activity that gives you the highest ROI at any b-school. And you get to work on your networking skills before you appear for CAT? ‘Nuff said.

Speakers for the Mumbai event –

  1. Ms Divya Morparia – AGM, Vodafone
  2. Mr Rahul Bathija – Sr Brand Manager, Toothbrushes & Personal Care, Colgate
  3. Mr Vineet Kanabar – Associate Director, Marketing, TVF
  4. Mr Abhishek Parameswaran – Brand Manager, Moet Hennessey

Speakers for the Bangalore event –

  1. Ms Neha Taneja – Brand Manager, TATA Tea Gold
  2. Ms Sumita Rajan – Product Manager, Nutrichoice, Britannia
  3. Mr Gaurav Sinha – Sr Product Marketing Manager, Adobe
  4. Mr Kunwarbir Singh – Brand Manager, Diageo 

3 – Get A Certificate!

Go catch ’em all, Pokemon! No, certificates. You attend the workshop and you get a certificate.

4 – Meet Others Who Are Like YOU!

Sure, you already know quite a few from your classes, your online groups et al, but here you get to meet fellow aspirants from diverse backgrounds, locations, aspirations, perspectives, and so much more. Also, an excellent opportunity to check out your competition. Get an idea of how ahead or behind the curve you are. Like they say, keep your friends close and competitiors closer! 😉 You never know, some of you might even end up in the same b-school? Again, it’s all about your networking skills! Forget Tinder, when Konversations Cafe is here! :p

5 – The Venue is Hard Rock Cafe!

With a venue like that, we needn’t say much but here are a few lines anyway. InsideIIM is known for content and our event will be no exception. No formal seminars and no boring lectures. Meet 4 superstars of the Marketing World at an informal Venue like Hard Rock Cafe. Lots of fun and food!

6 – Did We Mention It’s A Free Event?

Yes, it’s completely free for you Aspirants! All you need to do is Register here!

7 –  Meet the Team of InsideIIM, Including the Founder and CEO of InsideIIM!

You have given us a lot of love online, now you get to meet the people behind the site; including Ankit Doshi, the CEO and Founder of InsideIIM. He is an IIM Indore Alumnus and the mastermind behind two Education Websites. You can interact with us over registration, lunch and between sessions and more! 🙂 We would love to meet you all in person!

Convinced? Register now then! Because Limited Seats only!


There are many more benefits but we are sure you get it! It’s one of a kind event and you are the chosen ones!

Team InsideIIM

We are the team behind your favourite platform.