72 Hours & Thousands Of People | IIM Rohtak

It’s been exactly 1 year when I stepped into IIM Rohtak. The first half of my journey has been an amazing roller coaster ride and successfully completing MBA 1.0 is certainly no less than an achievement. I feel this is the biggest CV point I’ve garnered till now. However, this journey has brought me some very cherished moments and these moments are the ones which would always be preserved in my memory bag.  As Dr. Kalam said, “Sometimes, it’s better to miss classes and enjoy with friends, because now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do”, and now after a year I can truly relate with this quote. For me, those moments are being part of the several events organized by students of IIM Rohtak.

Studying at an IIM gives you numerous responsibilities as well as opportunities due to the student driven approach adopted by these premier institutions. Right from the admission process to the organization of numerous events, everything is handled by the student fraternity and being a part of the organizing committees of these events is where I created those memorable moments.  Although, there are innumerable instances which happened to me but I’d restrict myself to quoting only the notable ones experienced during the annual management fest “Infusion”.

Just a brief about Infusion: It’s a 3 day event organized in the chilly winter month of January and also is the last major event of the academic year. A huge foot fall is experienced during those 3 days and so is the thrill and weight of the responsibilities which keeps on increasing as the events date approaches. There are myriad of tasks to be carried out from logistics to hospitality and so is the large man force employed to carry out these tasks with perfection. A secondary information to make you understand the gravity of the event, this year the star performance was by the famous Indian rock band “The Local Train”, supported by the International sword swallower “Murray Molly”.  In the span of 3 days, the event was filled with several performances from India’s rock star band “The Local Train” & international artists like “Murray Molloy.” So, balancing the studies with managing these acts was an ardent task.

I remember an incident when I was sitting in a lecture and a message popped from one of the vendors’, that he cannot deliver the order which we have placed 15 days back. This happened when only 3 days were remaining for the fest and we were focusing on finalizing the pre-fest tasks. That came as a sign of shock and there wasn’t any option left to go and meet him personally to sort out the issue. I hurriedly left to Delhi with one of my friends and when things were seeming to get back on track after the meeting, there came an another bomb dropping, when an information arrived that the auditorium we had booked for the event stands cancelled. Travelling back to Rohtak late at night, the only thing revolving behind my mind was to where to search for a new location with the same amenities.  The stress took a toll of me and I couldn’t sleep that night. Early in the morning, my team started exploring new location options. Our hard work paid off and we were able to find a suitable location along with a stage management firm which could assist us in the event. This incident developed a great skill in me of stress management along with handling last moment glitches.

Coming to the D-day when the Infusion began and there came the swarm of people flowing into the campus. Making arrangements for 7000 participants from more than 20 colleges was a heavy-weight championship for my team. Tirelessly working for 3 days without proper sleep and food, we were finally able to pull off a great show. The feeling of achievement was clearly sinking in me and those moments of content and happiness were really priceless. I got several learning in that span of time like crisis management, team management, teamwork, leadership, etc. When I remember those days, I feel indeed it was the moment to remember from my IIM Rohtak life.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

It is a dream for any management graduate to work with Aditya Birla Group and I am no different. In the ABG, I would love to work for Idea Cellular. Idea Cellular with the Aditya Birla Group, has at its core lots of policies which have become streamlined as per the Parent group. The best part about Idea Cellular limited is that it is a DIY (Do it yourself) company. Very less outsourcing of functions compared to other telecom vendors, which can make me learn a lot and gain knowledge. It will help me in the long run. Thus, I would like to learn more about this industry and be a part of Idea Cellular.