9 Committees And 13 Clubs – IIM Raipur

It all started when I began my preparation for pursuing an MBA, I was told about the nobility of the IIMs the type of courses they offer and the type of luxury life you lead after passing from an IIM. I then tried to know about the IIMs and the different type of courses they offer coming across these IIMs, I found Raipur bit different in their selection criteria which helps students from different backgrounds come and try to compete with each other to fulfil the future endeavours of the individual which brings more insights to see a particular situation. Every student has a different mindset and different prospects to give a decision.  Unlike other IIMs IIM Raipur have the best international exposure and also send and allow students to learn from other member institutions. I chose IIM RAIPUR because it is very well recognised within the new IIMs and also because of the courses they offer and the faculties who are present to guide us throughout the process.  Here we have 9 different kind of committees and 13 kind of clubs each of them has a different kind of goal to achieve which helps IIM Raipur to participate in every sector. I choose Raipur because of its location. I am very fortunate for converting my dream college IIM RAIPUR  for me it’s an overnight journey which enables that I not going waste much of time travelling here it’s an all in one campus so I can approach my seniors more often for seeking any sort of help. Its hostel facility is unique because it denies that there should be a big setup for big results with the availability of limited resources students of IIM RAIPUR proved that big results don’t require large resources or infrastructures.  Even if the academic block and the hostel are in the same building it manages to carry on the activities simultaneously without being interrupted. which itself teaches to be perfectly coordinate with every situation. This is what makes me think IIM RAIPUR  is unique than any other IIMs.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I  would like to work for ADITYA BIRLA RETAIL AND FASHION LTD because  as a fresher working in this will help me develop my insights and also will help in the better understanding in the strategies and also studying the decisions to be taken for increasing the profits of the organisations to achieve the desired objectives Both by the individual and and the organization as well.

Ansuman Mohapatra is a student at IIM Raipur.