A 99.98 Percentiler’s Advice To CAT 2018 Aspirants

An effort is a vector. It can only produce the desired result if applied in the right direction. These are pretty common lines but apply for CAT prep as well. Here goes:

  • Keep it simple.
    • There is more stuff to solve for CAT than there was for JEE. So don’t get lost in what people say around you. CAT is an aptitude exam and that is what it always will be, regardless of the hype. So just pick up a book, learn the basics and get done with it. No need to solve the same problem with different values, ten times. Do little, but do it religiously.
  • Take a note.
    • Maintain a notebook from the start and take note of all the important Quant formulas, VARC hacks and LRDI terms. Try to note down the mistakes as well, mock wise, so that you may remember what went wrong as CAT approaches and you don’t repeat it again.
  • Revise.
    • This is the key to any competitive exam. No matter how good you are if you are out of touch, you won’t make it. So keep going back to the old problems every once in a while and skim through. This suffices. Keep reading your formulae and your mistakes.
  • Take it easy.
    • People have now started preparing for CAT as if it was JEE. Don’t prepare for 3–4 years. 1 year is more than enough. And even then you stand a chance of burning yourself out. So do practice, but save your hardest blow for the last. You need to be at your peak around December, not Jan-Sep. 😉
  • Live life.
    • Counter-intuitive to what people say when it comes to preparing for CAT, I’ll suggest you don’t give up your hobbies, at least, if not more. Reason being-CAT is just to get you an interview call but what matters more is the interview performance. It depends mostly on your personality and what you do with your life on a regular basis. They like all-rounders, not just CAT maulers. So do maintain your hobbies.
  • Don’t believe in the hype.
    • People say all kinds of things about CAT, but for me, it always was and always will be a basic aptitude test. Just like life comes a full circle, your preparation will come a full circle, too. You take a look at CAT 2017 original papers. I’m sure you’ll find them way easier than what the hype is made out to be. But as you start preparing you’ll find that you don’t know a lot! The mocks will be very tough and it could take a toll on your confidence. Don’t let it. Eventually, you’ll find yourself coming to a position in order to see this same paper with the same eyes as you are able to now. Easy. But only that time you will be acing it like never before. That’s practice!

Good luck! 🙂
(Eshan is an IITian, who scored 99.98 in CAT 2017 and has calls from IIMs A,C,L,K and I. )

Eshan Bhargava

A Senior UG at IIT-Guwahati, an MBA candidate and a wannabe Professor define me professionally. Personally, an introvert by heart, I like to decipher emotions and am always on a lookout to understand more about the world. This leads me to learn a lot from almost anything around me and pen it down. Reading, writing, watching unsung Hollywood movies and listening to new music consume my free time. Feel free to connect!




May I know what were your other co curricular activities mentioned in your profile ?

Abhay Singh

Here’s My Profile – I was forced to study in an alien branch CSE in a tier 3 college in August 2011.My college was having no placements though it was a Government College.I was preparing for SCRA and JEE Mains again so my pointers dipped in 1st 3 sems.

My Profile – X & XII Above 85 % .

BTech CSE =5.9 CGPA /10 .2015 passout.

I have 1 gap after XII and only 2 months experience in KPMG Back Office Pune.I gave many interviews in many MNCs from A to Y but finally I got selected in KPMG in June 2017 and worked for 2.5 months only as my liver had some problem and I was ill . I scored 85 in CAT 2017,poor in IIFT and 97+ in SNAP .XAT not out yet.

I am very skeptical about my future.I have exhausted all Banking attempts and I am very tense.I just want to do MBA now .I am 25 currently .IMT call also received.
I belong to General Category .I am very confused.skeptical and tense.

Thanking You

Eshan Bhargava

Hey, I think you should take up whichever college you get meanwhile you can work on SSC-CGL as well. It is my personal view that postponing things for long and the uncertainty of not getting results in the end would doubly harm you. Good luck!

Tandamalla Sreenath

Eshsan.. I am currently working as assistant executive engineer, in government of Telangana… Working for 10years….. I was thinking to get a try at cat exam this year.. Is it worth a try.. This is the first time I thought of it.. Cat exam was never in mind.. But hearing about the good opportunities from IIM… Can I attempt it…. How should be the preparation… As I said I had never attempted cat… How should be my preparation. Can you advice eshan