A CA’s Journey To SPJIMR, Mumbai – Mrinalini Gujrani

Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 12.25 p.m. – An email popped up in her notification bar and she started jumping with joy, not realising that tears rolled down the cheeks of her dear brother wondering that his best friend for 21 years would leave in some time.

And that ‘some time’ came pretty soon. 5th June 2016, the girl left for Mumbai from Kolkata. She entered the Bhavan’s campus – excited about the upcoming life at a B-school, though still apprehensive of her lone survival. But these apprehensions were soon to vanish, like clouds disperse after heavy showers and welcome the shining un (not very true for Mumbai weather conditions, though!).

Yes, my journey began this way. As I embarked onto the journey, there were initial speed breakers. Everything was new – the people, the place, the food, for a girl like me who has never stepped a foot outside my city. But the SPJIMR flavours perfectly suited my palate. Breaking ice with people had always been a tough task but SPJIMR had PLANNED something different!


It started with the hostel room allocation- roommates from different divisions, different specialisations and different backgrounds and you stop to wonder how did this happen with everyone! From this, I could recall only one line that I had heard from one of my seniors at the Networking Meet- “At SPJIMR you love to stay with people around you or you just learn to stay with them”. Fortunately enough it was not the latter for me!

What followed after this was, even more fun- The PG lab! As a part of the experiential learning, PG lab was one of the most amazing learning experience, it is surprising how in less than a week’s time you get to know more than half of your batch, get to know and appreciate all their talents, understand group dynamics, explore yourself, learn and have fun at the same time and above all complete the journey from “ME” to “WE”- I still cannot forget the way we would shout our lungs out –“PGP PGP PGP 1”.(all this in the beautiful town of Lonavala).

The academic life is hectic with classes, curriculum load, quizzes, assignments, projects, end-terms, but there are some people to support you through all this- the friends that you make, and also the Mini Family that you find in your ACADEMIC GROUP. Though randomly allocated, Acad Group would be literally THE ETERNAL “DUKH SUKH KA SATHI” (A friend for all times)! With each assignment that comes now, we almost know who is to do what and when- a perfect team work!


You learn more with your team for competitions and nothing more satisfying than winning a few! But more than winning a competition or getting a good score in academics, the journey of learning is extremely enriching! If you thought this was all, then you are sadly mistaken, because you are assigned a committee, to learn the art of administration. Each committee with their specific goals execute various tasks and you learn to get things done through people- a perfect simulation for management study.

If I stop here to ponder that what I missed speaking of, the obvious answer would be Abhyudaya. You are assigned a bright underprivileged child or simply a SITARA and you get a chance to not only mentor him/her but also understand the essence of urban poverty. Through fortnightly visits to their homes and spending time with them, you become much more humble and the experience is unparalleled.


In the four month journey so far, I have formed a second home here at SPJIMR– from the peers who are always ready to help to the ever-approachable faculty, from going out with friends to explore the city to being at the famous “B29” for the submissions, from being a part of a cultural event to representing your college at a competition, from getting Rank 1 to getting zeros in quizzes, from powerpoint to word to excel and from being tired after hectic days and sleepless nights to having Life@SPJIMR with Courage.Heart. The amazing journey continues…….