A typical day starts at 7 AM. Mornings are cool because of the greenery of Sanjay Van, which is beside the hostel. Time to take a small walk or a jog. The morning air refreshes & energizes me for the long day to come.

I reach back to the hostel by 7:45 AM to wake everyone on the floor. The bangs on the door wake up some with a jolt, but some continue with their blissful sleep. The rush for the quick shaves & showers is the norm of the hostel. A quick grab of the scrumptious bun with butter & omelet prepared by Diwan Sahab readies everyone for the day ahead.

At 9:15 AM, the classes start. So many interesting discussions happen during the classes. From an understanding of the accounting of a small business to a macro level discussion about the impact of China on the digitization of the global economy, everything happens at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. Classes are filled with people coming from different walks of life, with vastly different academic backgrounds & experiences. People from many states are represented here. We also have a South Indian classmate whose doubts really stand out. All of the class listen to his doubts carefully & the professor ensures that he is completely satisfied with the answer.

The financial accounting class makes some people really nervous. Coming from a science background, these people step into a world which is alien to them. Although I try to leverage my knowledge & experience of being a Chartered Accountant & try to clear the doubts of my peers during group activities, but some people still feel a tad bit uncomfortable with the subject. The professor then steps in & teaches in a smooth & simple manner. That leaves everyone with a sigh of relief.

Post classes by 6:30 pm everyone rushes to the library to learn more about the concepts taught in the classes. The library is a resource with its vast collection of books & Bloomberg terminals, which ensures that all students get every bit of knowledge they want to extract.

Then, it is the time to welcome a guest lecturer who is a top industry professional. They share their experiences & stories which give insights into the world in which we are about to step into post 2 years.

By 8:30 PM the dinner is done & everyone gets into doing the homework & assignments. The stairs of the hostels are packed with students engaging in loud discussions & the atmosphere remains energetic till the deadline of submission looms closer. By 2 am, everything is done & we try to grab a few hours of sleep before the start of another day.

The energy level never goes down. It is a constant uphill battle here. But I aim to come out on top always. In the end what matters are your work ethics.


Which company would I like to join?

I would like to join Aditya Birla Asset Reconstruction Company Limited.

The company has been recently incorporated to venture into the asset reconstruction business.  It has been set up to tap into the Rs10 trillion bad loan opportunity in India.

This opportunity will help me leverage my finance background & dive into the world of recovery of NPAs in India.

IIFT Placement Commitee