A Day In My Life At IIM-V – 00:00 Down To 23:59

00:00     Exhilaration at having met yet another 11:59:59 PM “sacrosanct” submission deadline (even if it was by a minute or a few seconds only)

00:02     *Phone beeps* “GBM @ 5th floor”. Head to the common area to attend the General Body Meeting; important info is communicated, issues discussed upon and put to vote.

00:20     Continue with case preparation for the day’s classes, determined to impress the prof during the cold-calling of students to drive the case discussion in class

02:00     Time for Maggi. Head to friends’ room to borrow a packet, to another room to borrow the kettle and get cracking!

02:02     Thank Maggi for being such a good late night companion while savouring the product of your culinary skills

02:20     Remember that there is a presentation scheduled later in the day

04:00     Go over the almost-done PPT that put every bit of creativity and newly found knowledge to test. Be amazed at how much can be accomplished by a team comprising of the most brilliant minds in the country

04:02     Oops! Forgot to run it through “TurnItIn” this time too.

04:20     Give in to sleep eventually

08:00     *Alarm rings frantically, yet again* Realize that it is humanly impossible to make it to the first lecture on time if the snooze button is hit any more

08:02     Indulge in a frenzy of activity mostly involving prioritizing one of breakfast & self-grooming over the other (on a case-by-case basis). And yeah, “Suit-Up” for the presentation in class.

08:20     *Bus honks while slowly moving down the road* Go Athlete Go!

10:00     Savour the 15-minute break, head swimming with regression models or DCF templates and brooding over the not-so-good “class participation” in the previous lecture.

12:02     Down the memories of the surprise in-class quiz conducted during the second lecture in a hot glass of chai!

14:20     Settle down on the comfy bean bags in the lounge, feeling the delicacies of the day making their way into your system and discussing about the presentation during the third lecture / any interesting topic

14:22     Time for some non-academic fun (or perhaps not)! Is today the quiz club’s turn or a day for outdoor activities (badminton / volleyball)? Is there a tutorial session happening? Or an insightful guest lecture?

16:00     *Lift grinds to a halt at each floor on the hostel, expelling people to their rooms* Catch up on stuff – News of the day; TT time; “Social” obligations or simply make up for last night’s inadequate sleep

17:02     Discuss the latest Economic Times article or plan the weekend over munchies. Back to Work!

19:20     A couple of hours spent on follow-up readings for the day and prep for the next day!! Employ one/more of Skimming, Scanning, Speed reading & Smart reading

20:00     Rush to attend the Acad Council meeting where decisions relating to academics and related student activities are made

21:02     Head out for the post-dinner stroll in the nearby park or unwind at RK beach

22:20     More preparation for the next day’s classes, punctuated by frequent interruptions from friends

23:00     Time for late-night football matches on TV

23:02     *The scholar calls for discussions within the study group* Add the final finishing touches to the submission due in an hour

23:20     Miscellaneous activities not directly relevant to this write-up (no marks for guessing what these could be :P)

23:59     Upload/mail submissions; apportion the birthday boy’s due of bumps. More importantly, look forward to yet another day of IIM-V magic!