A Day In The Life Of A TAPMI Student – Krutarth Vashi

Birds chirping and a gentle kiss from the sun is how we wish to start our day in the morning and that is exactly what happens at TAPMI. Here, you find the fitness freaks take their early morning jogs as they wave to the faculty on their workout routine as well! A walk up the ‘treacherous slope’ as it is called gets the adrenalin going with the umbrella being the most valuable possession during the ever unpredictable monsoon!

At around 8:20 am, the mess is a complete chaos almost similar to the hustle-bustle at a suburban railway station in Mumbai just before the local train arrives, where people are stuffing the last piece of bread, dosa or aloo paratha before they sprint off to reach class on time because bunking a class at TAPMI is not an option, well it is unheard of. Classes begin at 8.30 A.M on dot, stimulating and charging your brain cells, poking you to contribute and add value to the discussion. And in the middle of the class, you get the news about a surprise quiz due anytime in the coming few days, and that’s when you feel that it’s time to take guard.

As the day progresses, the lunch table becomes an area of discussion, about everything in the nearby surroundings along with the background of the music channels on the TV in the Mess. Eavesdrop on one of the tables, and you will find topics ranging from classroom discussions to finding a new place to hang out, a movie to be screened this week to an entrepreneurial stint, you name it and we have it all. And in the middle of all this, there’s a notification on the phone, an e-mail regarding submissions, and that’s when you plan the day’s subsequent activities. TAPMI is that cool place that allows you to reach a beach or a cooler hillside in around an hour. This is one of the most interesting things because it is a rare geographical feature as such.

As the classes get over in the later noon, nothing refreshes more than a hot cup of tea as students bid temporary adieu to their batch mates, only to meet again in a couple of hours’ time to study, complete assignments, or simply just sit on the benches and soak in the scenery in campus. When the library and the computer labs are overcrowded, apart from when people are busy playing Counter-Strike, that’s when you come to know that something’s there the next day. And not to forget, there is always a pre-read for the class next day. Juggling all at once, a popular circus trick, so easily mastered by everyone on the campus, an essential tip before going out in that harsh world, all taught at the grass root level.

As the day comes to a close, the students get busy with their assignments and project presentations.  It’s 12 AM and you run to the night canteen to wish your dearest friend on his birthday. The Night Canteen turns out to be the most happening place post 11.30 to enable people to continue the party they left off to reach campus on time. There are jamming sessions, gossip sessions and the plain reunion for friends who belong to different sections. The bond people share is diverse due to the regional, committee and section groups that are created to keep one busy. While you’re at the place, you make fun at a few of your studious batch mates that never made it to the place and laugh at their overzealous efforts with a Kurien coffee and a bowl of Poha. Ideas are discussed and plans are made for the next day and with each sip from that cup comes a sense of rejuvenation. Even when the clock strikes 1.30 AM, the hostel area looks like the Sachin Tendulkar pavilion at any stadium- always on an uproar. As you enter your hostel to retreat to your room you see little groups sitting and working or playing badminton around the hostel area. Smiling and waving to one of the many people you will get to know around the campus you silently retire to the room, put the AC at 20 degrees and shut your eyes into dreams of getting the best internship/placement. The day ends, with a dream of a brighter day in the hindsight.

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About the Author:

Krutarth Vashi

Krutarth Vashi, 24, hails from Vadodara. Having completed his Electrical Engineering he decided to pursue an MBA from TAPMI, specializing in Marketing. Even though his greatest passion lies in photography, he does an equally good job at other things such as blogging or playing the drums. He is also fond of traveling and sports.

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