A Decision Rightly Made - Life At IIM Nagpur


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Sayan Chatterjee

Beautifully written!

19 Aug, 2019 |

Majid Khan

Well captured experience

19 Aug, 2019 |

himanshu yadav

Good to read your experience... Waiting for more stories.

19 Aug, 2019 |

Priyanka... Srivastav

nice work ...go ahead

19 Aug, 2019 |

shefali sinha

Loved it

19 Aug, 2019 |

Beena Sharma

Elequont and engrossing , please continue to write . It seems you shall excel in that too

19 Aug, 2019 |

Gopal Biyani

Nice one

20 Aug, 2019 |

Divyanshu Rai

Very well written!!

20 Aug, 2019 |

Ajay Kumar

Nicely written :-) Very happy to see you settling down and enjoying yourself. Best wishes to you.

23 Aug, 2019 |

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Arpan sharma

Good to see that you are happy and enjoying all your moments..well written and best of luck !!

23 Aug, 2019 |