A Definite Checklist For The Upcoming MBA Batch – An Inside Information

Hello friends,

I believe, all of you must be having a real hard time during these GD-PI days. It, surely, becomes an arduous task moving from one city to another and giving answers to those same types of questions. The best of all which is Why MBA? I know as an MBA student how this question haunts every b-school aspirant. But here is a quick tip and a real inside information to you all, each and every one of us has been in the same boat and given the same set of answers. So, be strong and keep working hard on current affairs, body language and communication skills. But this is not what I intend to write about in this article. Rather, I wish to prepare you for your forthcoming battle in a b-school.

In any b-school, that you are going to enter, you will be required certain basic sets of skills to survive and thrive. These will not only give you a cutting edge but will also prepare you for your future MBA life. So, firstly, please start working on your excel skills such as basic functions like index, match, vlookup, countif, sumif etc and most importantly learn pivot tables. These will be real handy in analysing data-sets for competitions and assignments. Secondly, you should learn either designing posters or making videos. The underlying reason behind this novel thought is that you will be aspiring to be part of various clubs and committees at college. It is there you need to showcase these skills to earn brownie points.

Thirdly, you must make MS Word, MS PowerPoint your slaves to conquer lots of assignments. Fourthly, for a future CV pointer, you can start writing a blog on any topic of your choice. It will be a glowing point of discussion at various interviews you will go through. Lastly, a tough ask, but a wonderful addition to your curriculum vitae, is having some experience of working with an NGO for a month. It will be an enriching learning and will add to your ‘tell me about yourself’.

Thus, a lot of gyaan has been showered upon you. I know it is difficult to implement all of these, but even if you complete 3 out of 5, you will thank me all your MBA life. An honest confession to make here is that some of these things are missed upon by my friends and me in our first year. Therefore, I find it to be really imperative that without wasting much time start working on the above. I would be really grateful if any of the above points help shape your b-school life.



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