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A business suit, some sets of formal wear, books on investments, pending novels, music pod, and a trunk full of confidence and expectations – With these I boarded my Bengaluru bound flight from Visakhapatnam. A few of the most important weeks of my PGP course were set to commence.

While one could perceive the 8-week internship in myriad ways, for me it was an opportunity – to see the corporate world from a different lens, and take a feel of where I stood in regard to all my learning and its interpretation thus far. While the feeling of walking through the portals of the corporate world wasn’t new to me, what kept this different from my previous one, however, was the role I had to exhibit, the responsibilities I had to assume, and meeting the expectations I had set for myself. And so my assignment, as an Investment Banking Intern, begun. How cocksure were I to have assumed day 1 to be dedicated for induction.

But it wasn’t half past two that I had been assigned my project for the 8 week assignment. While I was left awe-struck at the sight of readiness to work, I came to realize that I were in an organic, start-up like organization. My approach to work begun with planning; ways in which I could accomplish my goals within the stipulated time-frame.

In doing so, I happened to set many tiny milestones, drafted a checklist for tasks, prepared a note on Do’s and Don’ts, identified channels to resources, put up a learning plan, and most importantly, figured out ways to keep myself highly motivated throughout the journey I was embarking upon. Over the course of the past week, my plan underwent many revisions, which seemed subtle owing to the newness of the role, as well as the place.

First week hence, having zeroed down on my plan of work, I am earnestly looking forward to seven more weeks of work, learning, and fun. As I conclude what I would call the first of the eight pieces that I am planning to write, one each for a week of my internship, I leave you with a quote by Ralph Ellison. It reads: “The end is in the beginning and lies far ahead!”.




About the Author:

Manish Ghosal

PGP 2015-17

IIM Visakhapatnam


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