A First Year’s Experience At IMT Ghaziabad – Anwesha Bhattacharjee Mazumdar

“Look! The WHOMPING WILLOW!”- she yelled, delightfully!

And this is how she got her very own little Hogwarts moment as the sacred tree drew near. It was the usual dusk on a Sunday, as the birds flew off from the bare branches, except that a dawn managed its existence somewhere in her heart – ‘I am home’ –it hushed.

And thus, Alice stepped into her Wonderland:
Welcome to Ghaziabad! -sarcasm dripped a voice.

Tad too happy, Alice responded: ‘Aren’t we here by choice?’
The mess she entered was the ‘Hall of faces’ straight out of Game of Thrones,
With exception, faces could walk! Some could haunt, while some shone.

When you are in your favourite sweater, classrooms were the best place wherein you could be!
The subject to be learnt was however not Business, but ‘Juggling’ very precisely.

The library on one hand, was so big that two years seemed unfair,
Professors, as if from Hogwarts, were so good that doubts seemed rare.

From hovering ‘amphitheatre gossips’ to classroom shenanigans,
late night projects that had to be done and not-to-be-missed early morning fitness runs-
A week passed by as if it were a moment, or just a jiffy,
little did one know how transformed one could already be.

First sight love, secret crushes,
late night walks and shadowed coy blushes.

“Chilly chicken maggi Rs 45 hain ji, Cold coffee sirf mess me hain free”
Wonderland’s wonder-people wondered how wonderful some rebate would be!

Finding classrooms, finding friends, finding lavatories to lighten,
Challenges were many but could they ever not let Alice’s day to brighten?

So much was at stake, so much to be sought, so much was yet to be done,
Vicarious pleasures from red-bricked walls,
Ahmedabad dreams were still not totally shun.

Tight rope walking somewhere in between where am I and where was I to be,
Amidst all this, head over heels for IMT did fall in love we;

This was the place now, where the head was held high, where the soil for the grip was moistened,
Like branches of the sacred tree, let’s spread out and make miracles happen!