A Guide For The Self-Proclaimed Average Student To Get 95 Percentile In CAT

Hey you, yes you. I am talking to you. The person who unfortunately scored a not very impressive score in 10th, wrecked it up further in 12th, and completely got obliterated during graduation. You have been labelled an average student by the peers, by your parents, by your teachers, and you have accepted it. However, you are good at some things, exceptionally good to be honest. You are a God in one skill or a master in two. If everything mentioned earlier is true, then yes you can score a 90+ percentile easily.

Now before I start off, I know people score 95+ and it’s quite easy for them as well. This guide is for people who find it difficult, because we all are unique beings, and what is easy for you may not be the same for others.

We all know that CAT is divided into three sections, VA, QA, and LRDI. We don’t need to score 98-99 percentile in any one of the section to hit 95, all you need is a balanced score between them to get there. That means we have to make our weakness our strength. First of all, don’t bother much about going into depth of QA and VA, you don’t have to be a Math genius to get a good score, nor you have to be a vocab god to get that. You have to find a balance, and the balance is not found theoretically, it’s found practically. This means MOCKS. Yes, you have to take at least 40 mocks and analyse them before the D-day to hit the mark.

The key here is studying less and practising more, in short, dedication. No, we are not going to spend hours solving difficult questions and get demotivated further, we are not good at learning, the bad scores in our previous stages of life are a testament to that. What we will do is exploit the flaws in the exam, to get habituated to the nature and the structure of CAT. There are easy questions in it, all we have to do is to prepare ourselves to find those easy questions and just solve them. By the time you have given 40 mocks of varying degree of difficulty, catching questions will become your second nature. Trust me, all sections of the CAT are exploitable.

I’ll describe in further posts on how to exploit each section. Keep speed running.

Akshat Ghildiyal

Akshat Ghildiyal, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar MBA-BM 2017-2019




Well here’s the real problem … you can score 95%tile but it won’t get you in any of the top colleges unless you have stellar past academic record or you belong to reserved category. Had guys and gals in previous batch of my tution who didn’t get calls even from IIM K/I/S at 97%tile , forget about A/B/C/L 😀


How much should i get?? to get to IIM L,I,S and new IIMS ? How much should i get? 10 and Inter 85% ,Btech 68%? If i get 97 will get any of above or Should i forget unless i score 99????