‘A Journey To Discover Your True Self’ – FMS, Delhi

Often, we are simply too afraid to find out who we really are. But not always are we scared. At times, we merely go through life thinking we are something that we are not. And then we take that identity that we have generated for ourselves, for our actual soul. And this is a huge task to take this journey of finding ourselves: not to be misled by what seems to be our personality on the exterior, but to go deeper and find out who we really are. And one of the best places to start this journey is through education. Hence, college.

When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” FMS helped me during the course of this discovery and eventually made me free. Which, I believe, is the basic purpose of education. I really feel grateful for being a part of this great institution and its great people.

1st Of July 2014. Dusk was falling and I was in Gurgaon struggling with its hot and humid weather. There came a text from my friend saying ‘FMS results are out’ and I completely forgot my struggle with the weather. I opened one PDF document, Pressed Ctrl+F, keyed in a six digit number. ‘One Result found.’ Suddenly I started experiencing cool breeze in that heat of Gurgaon. What I got was not only an admission into one of the finest B-Schools in the country but also a golden ticket for a wonderful journey of 21 months. I still remember the sense of exhilaration and awe that I felt after finding my name on the list. It was a long journey for me, but it was definitely worth it.

Faculty, Course Curriculum, People, and Culture are the four most important pillars on which any institution stands high.
Faculty in this place, beyond any iota of doubt, is the best. Not only textbooks they make you understand other finer aspects of life. It never felt like we were being taught to earn a wage – it always felt like we were being taught to make a difference in our lives. Enriched with decades of experience, the faculty always accepts you for who you are and gives you any help whenever you want, and sometimes even when you don’t ask for.
We’re typically in class from around 9 AM – 4 PM, which is followed by activities, events, speakers, meetings with professors, and other sessions. During the first year at FMS, the emphasis is laid on the fundamental subjects, after which you go for a summer internship, and then comes the second year followed by MBA degree. This is the usual path that is being followed in any Indian B-School. BUT, FMS is not just about this normal path, it goes beyond that. Be there to experience it.
Now two most important parts, Culture, and People at FMS, which I feel transformed me the most. At FMS, management is not the only thing that I learned. The most important thing that you can learn and experience at FMS is ‘Spirit of Freedom’, ‘Culture of Choice’. At FMS, we trust people and give them the freedom to shape their own career. FMS will give you the platform, it’s all up to you how you perform there. FMS guided and helped me but never forced me to perform any particular activity.

People here are just awesome. I shaped myself up along with them. There’s something about the people here, which always motivates me to be superior, livelier, braver, brighter than I ever identified that I could become. And I hope that I, in some way or the other, inspired them too.

FMS, Thanks for making me who I am today.